Evesham Championship Qualifier

Evesham Town & Ferry Waters

65 Fished.

1 Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) 10-13-0 (peg 42)

2 Steve Ashmore (Sensas WB Clarke) 6-10-0 (peg 56)

3 Joe Oakes (Middy) 5-8-0 (peg 36)

4 Kevin Ellaby (Sensas Cardiff Nomads) 5-0-0 (peg 85)

5 Pete Morris (Sensas WB Clarke) 4-10-0 (peg 86)


Steve Pallett

Joe Oakes

Kevin Ellaby

Ian Shepherd seems unstoppable at the moment, taking yet another victory in Saturday’s Evesham Championship Qualifier. Drawn on peg 42 just below the culvert, he caught some perch to start with on a short pole line fed with worms, before moving on to his hemp line, where he enjoyed a good run of fish on seed.

Steve Ashmore finished second on the day from peg 56. Like Ian, Steve caught mainly roach on hemp on the long pole.

Another regular in the frame, Joe Oakes took third spot from peg 36. Again, Joe caught the majority of his fish on hemp. Joe included a lot of chublets in his catch alongside a smaller stamp of roach though, to finish with 5-8-0.

Wychavon Championship Qualifier

Evesham Town & Ferry Waters

60 Fished.

1 Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) 10-2-0 (peg 6)

2 Mark Newman 9-14-0 (peg 15)

3 Leigh Gardener (Shakespeare Superteam) 7-0-0 (peg 66)

4 Andy Johnstone (Tri-Cast Weston Pools Team Wales) 6-4-0 (peg 86)

5 Howard Kaye 6-2-0 (peg 41)


Dan Jones

Howard Kaye

Leigh Gardener

Ian Shepherd yet again asserted his dominance on proceedings, winning this Sunday qualifier with a 10-2-0 net. Drawn on fancied peg six on the Crown Meadow, Ian yet again made his favoured hemp approach pay dividends, weighing in prime Avon roach, and including three fish over 1lb in his haul! Feeding little and often, and fishing a light rig on the long pole was the key to his success.

Also on the Crown Meadow was the runner up on the day, Mark Newman. Mark put some quality perch and eels in his net on maggot feeder tactics, before a late switch to bomb and pellet saw him land a 6lb barbel and sneak second spot.

Evesham regular, Leigh Gardener took third spot from peg 66 on the Ferry Meadow. Leigh caught quality eels and perch on flatfloat and maggot tactics.