Fishing TV have announced the launch of their new and improved Fishing TV APP, available to view and download worldwide on Samsung Smart TVs.

The APP features
 all four of the company’s unique channels: Carp, Coarse and Match, Sea Watch and Game Fishers Diary with a huge range of shows to watch. 

The new app offers Fishing TV’s popular bi-monthly magazine for each channel for all to view, featuring the latest fishing news, hints and tips from well-known anglers, entertaining shows and reviews of the latest top fishing products. 

Viewers will also now have access to Fishing TV’s exclusive premium channels, which hosts a wider video library of the company’s past and current programmes, with new content added regularly. Favourite anglers with their own series include Ian “Chilly” Chillcott, Ian Russell, Dave Barham, Alan Scotthorne and many more. 

Viewers can enjoy Fishing TV’s premium content using a credit based system, with bundles of credits for as little as £4.99 by registering separately online.  

You can then select to watch your chosen programmes, which are saved in your account history and accessible for 72 hours after the first viewing. 

All you need to start watching is either a Samsung Smart TV or a Samsung Smart blu-ray system, starting from as little as £60.