Stunning start to the season at Rutland Water with a rod average of 9.25

Another fantastic week at Ravensthorpe with a rod average of 10.4

Bob Church Open at Grafham Water19 AprilThis annual match for the Frank Cutler Trophy raises funds for charityCall 01480 810531 for more information

Rutland Water
Dawn on Saturday 15 March heralded the start of the new season at Rutland Water.  First out were the bank anglers who, in many cases, enjoyed action right from the first fly hitting the water. The best areas were Sykes Lane, Whitwell and the Old Hall flats, and the Normanton church to the dam, (the pace steadied on that bank due to the winds that started to strengthen around lunch time).  It was the North shore banks and the Old Hall that kept producing till late on.
The first boats ventured out at 8 a.m. with fish being caught in many areas throughout the day, including the Main Basin, middle of the North Arm, Sailing Club and the Old Hall.
Various methods were used including floating lines with weighted lures and  nymphs for bank anglers.  Boat anglers employed anything from sinking lines  and  intermediates through to fast sinking Di 7 lines and lures in general.
Taking the catch and release permits sold into account there was a 9.25 rod average for the day.  Stock fish were averaging nearly 2lb in weight, and there were numbers of over wintered fish caught, with a good percentage around 4-5lb taken by boat anglers fishing off shore in the deeper water of the reservoir.Out of season browns were caught up to 6lb.  Please remember that until 1 April browns are to be returned to the water.  Random bag checks are being made and three fish were found that had been killed, these fish were confiscated from the respective anglers.Rutland Water Fly Fishers recently held a successful litter pick at Rutland Water.  The litter pick was sponsored by Anglian Water and Westmoreland Double Glazing of Oakham.  Proceeds from the litter pick will be donated to the Air Ambulance.
Forthcoming eventsBeginners courses: 20 March; 3, 9, 19 & 26 April; 3,10,24 & 31 May and other dates throughout the season.Independence Day Trophy 5 April.  Note that this year this trophy will be awarded on 5 AprilAnglian Water Airflo International – Northern Heat 27 April

Grafham Water
Fish week 206 (season 477) Returns 81 (107) Rod average 7.1 (6.75)Grafham Water has continued its fine start to the season with an amazing rod average of 7.1 with 20% of the trout taken weighing 3lb or over.  Jim Flannigan from County Down, Northern Ireland, managed to catch and release 45 trout in two visits to Grafham Water.  Jim boat fished with vivas and Montanas on a Di3 line taking fish from most points along the north shore.
Both bank and boat anglers have had a tremendous week’s fishing, mainly along the north shore due to the north westerly winds.
Bank anglers have done well by fishing floating lines with GRHE, Pitsford Pea, montanas, vivas and damsel nymphs.  The most productive areas for the bank anglers have been Hill Farm, Deep Water Point, G Buoy and the north end of the Dam.
Boat anglers have also had a superb week’s fishing – again the north shore has been the most productive area.  The most effective methods for boat anglers have been medium sink lines (Di 3’s and 5’s) with black and green lures, orange blobs/boobies and cormorants fished slow.  However, some anglers have also had plenty of success on floating lines with either GRHE or black and green buzzers fished static.  Boat anglers have found the most fish at Hill Farm, Hedge End, Church Bay, Rectory Bay, G Buoy and the Willows.
The Bob Church Open will be fished at Grafham Water on Saturday 19 April.  This annual match for the Frank Cutler Trophy raises funds for Northampton Town Football Club and for Parkinsons Disease.  The competition will be fished to International rules to an 8 fish limit.  The entry fee of £58 (£34.50 for season ticket holders) includes a hot meal at the end of the match.  Entries close on 1 April.  For more information and to make an entry please call 01480 810531.
Best Rainbow 5lb 10oz taken by W Moule.
Best methods See report.
Best boat areas G Buoy, Hill Farm, Hedge End, Church Bay, Rectory Bay, Willows.
Best bank areas Hill Farm, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, North Dam.
Mid week boat winner Simon Gaines of Stockton on Tees.
Fish stocked 2,000.

Forthcoming eventsBeginners courses: 23 March; 5,12, 17 & 27 April; 4,18,25 & 29 May and other dates throughout the season.Anglian Water Rudder Match (leg 1 of 9) 12 April.Bob Church Open (Frank Cutler Memorial Trophy) 19 April – 01480 810531GWFFA vs EDFA 27 April 01480 810531Evening boat league starts MayLexus European Individual Qualifier 3 May – 01761 490367Lexus European Team Qualifier 4 May – 01761 490367

Pitsford Water
Fish week 411 (season 1,025) Returns 77 (168) Rod average  5.4(6.3)Pitsford Water has maintained its fantastic start to the new season with a rod average for the week of 5.4.  Fish are well spread out and are being caught from all areas of the lake.
There are lots of Browns being reported and anglers are reminded that Browns are out of season until 1 April and must be returned safely to the water.
Anglers are catching plenty of Rainbows in the 3-5lb range, including some cracking over wintered specimens.  The best areas for bank anglers are the Cliffs, Bog Bay, Gravels and Stilton Point.  The best boat areas are the Causeway, North Shore and Duffers.
The best methods are floating or intermediate lines with teams of nymphs and buzzers.  Alternatively fish small lures, damsel imitations or gold head lures in black/green or white/green.  There will be a further stocking of quality fish from Rainbow Valley this week which will maintain the good rod average.
Best methods See report.
Best boat areas Duffers, Causeway, North shore.
Best bank areas Bog Bay, Stilton Point, Gravels.
Mid week boat winner Steve Tilley
Forthcoming eventsBeginners courses: 22,27 & 30 March; 6,13 & 25 April; 8,11,17 & 30 May and other dates throughout the season.Four man team bank match 13 April (no other bank fishing) for more information please call 01604 781350

Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish week 565 (season 1329) Returns 54 (123) Rod average 10.4 (10.8)Ravensthorpe continues to fish on fantastic form with a rod average of 10.4 for the week.  Amongst the notable catches this week were a 20 fish bag for Mr Watts who boated his fish on a floating line and damsel nymph close to the Island.  Another boat angler accounted for 30 fish to buzzers on the same day.
Last Tuesday 11 March all the boat anglers had a minimum of 10 fish from the Island area on various methods.  Floating lines or slow clear intermediate lines were best with Pitsford Pea, Bloodworm, black buzzer, damsel and cruncher the best patterns.  Mr Brady managed 38 fish from this area on the same tactics.
Big fish this week have all been returned to the water with five different anglers reporting catching fish in the 7-8lb bracket.
The bank continues to fish well from the Platforms along the West bank.  Platforms 10 to 12 have fished the best with floating lines and buzzers proving effective.
Best Rainbow 7lb approx.
Best methods See report.
Best boat areas The Island to Coton Car Park.
Best bank areas Platforms 4-12
Mid week boat winner Mr Perrin.