IN one of the greatest shocks ever in the world of competitive fishing, the crack Total Fishing unit was beaten in the Northern heat of the Intersite challenge.

Despite a superb performance from Paul Trattles which saw him take overall third in what proved to be a tough match at Woodlands, Total Fishing’s ‘win at all costs’ tactics let them down for the first time in history, as a team from an obscure site we believe may be called, aka Team Ringers, somehow scratched their way to some kind of weird ‘joint victory’ along with Angling Forums.

Both teams finished on 30 points, but for some reason Angling Forms accepted maggotdrowning’s try-on that a weight count back did not count in this match. Doh!

However, all the talk centred around how the previously untouchable Total Fishing team could possibly not have won.

“We are totally gutted,” said Total Fishing’s skipper Mike Globe. “It’s the first time we have ever been beaten. Perhaps we were too confident.”

Individual honours and some handy coin in the old back pocket went to Fishing Magic’s Bob Watson, who put to one side the fact that most of his team needs five weeks of prebaiting before they cast a hook bait in and took an impressive 18lb 9oz from peg 4C.
Talk Angling fielded the second placed angler in Rob Swaine, so as they had no anglers in the frame I guess you would have to say it was a good all round performance by the team winners, although we won’t…. (okay, at a push if we have to, well done Maggotdrowning for a brilliant team effort in conning Angling Forums…….).

Total Fishing will now be seeking revenge in the forthcoming Midlands heat. If, that is, we can get a team together, which , er, hasn’t happened so far.

On a slightly more serious note well done and thanks to all who took part. Roll on Stockton Reservoir……. (if you are interested in being considered for the Total-Fishing team, keep in touch with the Coarse discussion board…. see ‘Is there a full team’ thread).



Intersite Challenge, Northern heat – final result (winners – boo hiss!)
Dave Webster (Captain) 3F 8lb 5oz 5pts
Stuart O’Connor 3E 6lb 13oz 4pts
Baz Thornton 3H 10lb 1oz 5pts
Les Midwinter 3D 5lb 12oz 5pts
Mal Connop 3A 6lb 4oz 4pts
Tony Prentice 3G 7lb 14oz 5pts
Haydn Borthwick 3C 0lb 2oz 1pts
Norm 3B 1lb 5oz 1pts
Total: 30

Angling Forums (er also winers it seems)

Fisky (Captain) 1H 5lb 12oz 4pts
Joe Carass ( 5th ) 1A 13lb 12oz 5pts
Chris Taylor ( 4th ) 1B 14lb 3oz 4pts
Adam1 1D 3 lb 13oz 4pts
Mike Sterland 1C 12lb 4oz 3pts
Mike Relph 1G 2 lb 2 oz 1pts
Mike Pattinson 1F 6lb 13oz 4pts
Mike Shaw. 1E 12lb 4oz 5pts
Total: 30


FishingMagic (all fished boilies)

Phil Hatton (Captain)
Graham Marsden 4A 1lb 9oz 1pt
Fred Bonney 4D 2lb 2oz 3pt
John Conway 4F 0lb 6oz 1pt
Geoff Cowen 4C 0lb 5oz 2pt
Wendy Perry 4E 0lb 4oz 1pt
Bob Watson (1st ) 4B 18lb 9oz 5pt
Dave Johnson 4H 0lb 14oz 1pt
Stu Dexter 4G 4lb 2oz 4pt
Total: 18

Talkangling(apparently all they can do…)
Paul Scattergood (Captain) 5D 0lb 9oz 2pts
Terry Shipley 5A 5lb 2oz 3pts
Rob Swaine ( 2nd ) 5C 15lb 5oz 5pts
E. J. Robathan (Ejayar) 5E 6lb 9oz 3pts
Derek Robathan 5B 11lb 7oz 3pts
Lester Jones 5F 2lb 0oz 2pts
Andrew Nelson 5G 3lb 8oz 3pts
Dave Jackson 5H 2lb 13oz 2pts
Total: 21

Total Fishing (not winners but clearly the best team)
Mike Globe (Captain) 2A 5lb 0oz 2pts
Mick Dawes 2F 3lb 0oz 3pts
Paul Trattles ( 3rd ) 2C 15lb 4oz 4pts
Steve Broadbent 2E 4lb 4oz 2pts
Mark Mason 2G 3lb 1oz 2pts
Steve Cooper 2B 3 lb 4oz 2pts
Ian Mackie 2D 0lb 3oz 1pts
Kev Hartley 2H 4lb 9oz 3pts
Total: 19



Thanks to Zinky for the pics and result.