Jamie Wilde is £25,000 better off having won the 2014 Parkdean Masters final at White Acres Fishery.

However, it was as very close run thing with his 46-5-0 weight from unfancied peg 13 less than 3lb ahead of second placed Andy Geldart (43-11-0), with Geoff Vallance also close, weighing in 43-3-0.

It was an all star final at the Cornish complext, with Richie Hull, Tommy Pickering, Steve Cooker, Jon Arthur, Grant Albutt, Des Shipp, Steve Ringer, Nick Speed, Rob Wooton and Lee Edwards all among the finalists. 


Parkdean Masters Results 2014

Name Peg Weight
Richie Hull peg 0 6lb 8oz
Adrian Higgingbottom Peg 1 20lb 9oz
Tommy Pickering Peg 2 17lb 8oz
Steve Cooke Peg 3 5lb 0oz
Andy Geldart Peg 4 43lb 11oz
John Whincup Peg 5 3lb 15oz
Jon Arthur Peg 6 29lb 12oz
Grant Albutt Peg 7 17lb 9oz
Paul Holland Peg 8 32lb 13oz
Leigh Hodgkins Peg 9 15lb 0oz
Gary Thomas Peg 10 12lb 5oz
Des Shipp Peg 11 26lb 13oz
Rob Wooton Peg 12 17lb 10oz
Jamie Wilde Peg 13 46lb 5oz
Lee Kerry Peg 14 26lb 9oz
Nick Speed Peg 15 17lb 13oz
Frankie Gianoncelli Peg 16 24lb 11oz
Geoff Vallance Peg 17 43lb 3oz
Matt Godfrey Peg 18 30lb 0oz
Lee Edwards Peg 19 26lb 9oz
Andy Leathers Peg 20 25lb 5oz
Steve Ringer Peg 21 31lb 12oz
Andy Power Peg 22 23lb 4oz
Andy Nelson Peg 23 15lb 6oz