The Mystery Pairs Charity Match at Janson Coarse Fishery Nottingham saw twenty-two anglers attended in the anticipation of some good weights of fish and thankfully most weren’t disappointed.

The services were represented in the form of anglers from RAF Team Mosella and RAF EMAL, some of whom hadn’t seen the water before.

Despite the weather forecast of rain, the day started of misty and then bright sunshine appeared near the end of the match

Top weight on the day was Nigel Lale (New Inn AC) who took 120lb 6oz (hemp & maggot) to the weigh bag, but due to the mystery pair element of the match and his partner John Wells (New Inn AC) only weighing 30lb 3oz it was only good enough for 5th place on the day and no prize.

Though to be fair John was chasing one of his top kits round the lake as an angry carp snatched it out his hand! Unlucky Nigel! 

He did however take a pound off Steve ‘Omah’ Baker.

Top pair were Shawn Wood (RAF Team Mosella) and Steve ‘Omah’ Baker (New Inn AC) who took a whopping 187lb 2oz between them to the scales both fishing short on maggot. They were closely followed by Baz Bright (RAF Team Mosella) & Mick Warner (New Inn AC) with 180lb 8oz with Baz fishing across in 6 inches of water with maggot and Mick fishing short

A raffle was held after the match and thanks go to:

Floats Direct, Sconeee at Ultima, Jads at Match Fishing Scene and Sam Chapman for the prizes and also a big thanks to Janson Coarse Fishery who not only provided the fishery they donated the peg fees back into the pot which meant the total raised was boosted up to £407

Full Results

SHAWN WOOD 114lb 1oz & STEVE BAKER 73lb 1lb –Total 187lb 2oz

BAZ BRIGHT 89lb 11oz & MICK WARNER 91lb 13oz – Total 180lb 8oz

WILL SWEENEY 105lb & DICK STUBBS 56lb 13oz – Total 161lb 13oz

DUSTY KIDDELL 74lb 12oz JOHN PARKER 77lb 11oz – Total 152lb 7oz

JOHN WELLS 30lb 3oz & NIGEL LALE 120lb 6oz – Total 150lb 7oz

DAVE CLARKE 52lb 9oz & SAM CHAPMAN 76oz 11oz – Total 129lb 4oz

GRAHAM WELTON 73lb & TONY RANDALL 54lb 8oz – Total 127lb 8oz

NEIL FLETCHER 102lb 2oz & ROB PERHAM 22lb 7oz – Total 124lb 9oz

PHIL FOSTER 87lb 1oz & DAVE CROCKER 35lb 4oz – Total 122lb 5oz

REG BARRASS 75lb & DOUGIE GODDARD 23lb 15oz – Total 98lb 15oz

REV GOSPEL 40lb 11oz & TONY BLAKE 22lb 2oz – Total 62lb 13lb