The Angling Development Board is currently recruiting for a team of professional development staff to realise the aspirations of the Angling Whole Sport plan. There is still one vacancy available for the Coach Development and Education Officer with a closing date of 27th April 2007.

The Angling Development Board (ADB) is a partnership between the three Angling Governing Bodies in England; the National Federation of Anglers (NFA), the National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA) and the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) and replaces the Joint Angling Development Board (JADB).

The partnership produced the Whole Sport Plan for Angling in 2005 that set down objectives aimed at helping to meet targets for increased participation in outdoor activities as identified in the Government’s Game Plan (2002).  The partnership has recently become an incorporated body, with the objective of applying for charitable status soon afterwards.

This change is the latest step in the process of transforming angling development and for the first time Development Officers will work across the whole of the sport of angling rather than within each discipline.  Each of the officers will have an area of responsibility relating to 1) Coaching and Coach Development, 2) Clubs, Angling Organisations other than Clubs, and Volunteers and 3) Equity and Ethics and for the first time be managed by a Senior Development Manager who will coordinate the work of the officers report to the key stakeholders and partners.

The new company will receive the whole of the Sport England grant with a contribution from the Environment Agency and will be governed by six directors, two from each discipline and led by an Independent Chairman and Finance director.

Jackie Sheldon, Senior Development Manager for the Angling Development Board stated “I am looking forward to working with the Angling Development Board to establish a coordinated and sustainable development programme for the three angling disciplines. Working together, angling has an exciting opportunity to move the sport forward, combining effort, resources and sharing partnerships to benefit the sport as a whole.”

Paul Baggaley Chief Executive of the National Federation of Anglers stated that “This represents a significant step forward in the development of angling and will save and redirect money towards delivering on our key aims of increasing participation and diversity across the whole of the sport.

Paul Knight, Executive Director of the Salmon & Trout Association, agreed, and remarked, “the S&TA is greatly looking forward to working with our colleagues in the other angling Governing Bodies, alongside Sport England and the Environment Agency, to produce world class coaches and deliver increased angling participation through clubs and individuals.” 

David Rowe Development Officer of the NFSA welcomed the new cooperation between the three Governing Bodies and the need to re focus on developing the sport through increased participation was understood and welcomed. There were issues around the support for national teams that had yet to be addressed, but he was confident that these would be resolved and thus enable the sea anglers to have opportunities appropriate to their needs

Richard Wightman, Angling Development Manager for the Environment Agency added:
“The new jobs in the Angling Development Board will help us to make sure that the work we want to do through our 10 year plan, Angling in 2015, is properly joined-up with the Whole Sport Plan and all the other important projects like Get Hooked on Fishing or Dreamstore. That way angling, anglers and wider society will benefit most”.

Lisa Wainwright, Head of National Sport for Sport England commented that “The creation of the Angling Development Board is a major step forward for the sport. Sport England will soon be able to focus its investment in a single organisation, which will in turn assist the sport in driving forward development and increasing participation.”

Development Officer Post

The ADB is seeking to appoint a Development Officer to address the development of Coach Education and Coaching (1), ensuring the growth in casual and club participation in the sport. The Officers will work closely with the Angling Governing Bodies and external stakeholders to further the business objectives of the ADB and the external partners.
The ADB has already appointed a Senior Development Manager and Development Officer for Clubs and Volunteers, and Equity and Ethics
The appointed person should have a knowledge and experience of one or more of the identified areas, depth of experience in delivering against key targets and an ability to work effectively in partnership.

Closing dates:

Development Officer: 5pm, 27th April 2007

For further details, job descriptions and application forms go to, or email to
For informal discussions contact Simon Kirkland on 0121 308 5939 or 07766 768 474

Volunteer Posts

The Angling Development Board is now seeking the services of senior volunteers and a team of professional development staff to realise the aspirations of the Angling Whole Sport plan. A Chair and Finance Director are sought to be key members of the Board and a team of development staff led by a Senior Development Manager will be charged with the delivery implementation. If you are interested please download the job or role descriptions or contact Simon Kirkland for further details at 07766 768 474 / 0870 770 5140. The closing dates are as follows:

Chair and Senior Development Manager: 27th April 2007

Finance Director and Development Officers positions: 27th April 2007

Applications should be emailed to

The sport of angling is recognised by Sport England and the Government as offering key benefits to society through participation in a healthy outdoor activity. As anglers we already know how our sport helps us to unwind from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the pleasures that our countryside provides.

We also play a key role in the conservation of our rivers and lakes as we are often the first to notice water pollution and fish disease. It is through our efforts that we help to safeguard the environment in which our sport takes place, and protect the very existence of our sport.

Angling caters for every cross-section of the community irrespective of age, gender, race, physical ability, mental ability or social standing. Through our pro-active coaching and development programmes we are helping to educate youngsters about the skills required in everyday life, as well as the current issues that affect our sport and how they can participate and contribute to the development of angling.

By joining the NFA you are supporting our work which promotes and protects your sport. It is only through adopting a collective stance that we can highlight the issues that threaten the development of angling as a modern and vibrant sport.