JUNIOR anglers in
have netted a cash windfall due to an Environment Agency quest to learn more about fish stocks.
As part of its continued scientific research into the region’s rivers, the Agency says it analyses the results from angling matches. This information, along with its routine surveys, gives them some insight into the fish populations of our local rivers.
Earlier in the year the Agency launched a scheme to encourage some angling clubs to send in their match returns and, in return, the Agency would make a contribution towards local junior angling clubs.
At the weekend, York Junior Angling Club was presented with a cheque from the Agency to help encourage more youngsters into angling. The money was as a result of information provided by York and District Amalgamation of Anglers.
Paul Frear, Agency Fisheries Scientist, said: “The information from match returns is a very useful tool in describing fish populations and highlighting locations where there are problems.
“Making a contribution to junior angling encourages the clubs to submit their match returns and benefits junior angling, which in turn will protect the future of the sport. We commend York and District Amalgamation of Anglers and their associated clubs for the effort they have put in to make this scheme a success.”