With the build up to Division One National Championships, the Shropshire Union hosted it’s first of two Angling Trust and Canal and River Trust pairs competition which was a sell-out 100 angler field. The sections were pegged on the popular Knighton and Park Heath stretches and with some very changeable conditions forecast many at the draw thought they were in for some good fishing.

Fishing Across both A and B sections was very good with average weights somewhere between the 3 and 4lb mark, these were made up of mainly silverfish with the odd bonus perch, eel or proper bream.

Both Individual and Team winner on the day Wayne Kearney who posted a maximum 50 points and also secured the match win from Peg A7. Wayne was over 9lb clear of the field with 20lb 15oz of Bream and silvers. To back him up John Gilbert managed a very respectable 8lb 12oz from peg B3, this scored him 48 points and put the team clear victors on 98 points.

Second pairing on the day were Carl Whalley and Alan Sagar, both men drawing near, or on the favoured end pegs with A2 and B1 respectively. Both men caught good weights of silvers which bolstered their 5lb 7oz and 10lb respectively.

In joint third position on points were pairings Jason Cunningham/Ben Sharratt and Scott Geens.Danny Ashington both scoring 83 points. Geens and Ashington winning out on weight count-back 13lb 9oz to 11lb 4oz.

Finishing out the top five were the pairing Steve Crossley and Simon Wain with 79 points, who netted 4lb 5oz and 8lb 5oz respectively.

The Angling Trust would like to thank Terry Nutt and Dave Watkins for all their hard work up on Shropshire Union, they are doing a tremendous job pegging and resting the sections to give teams time both practice and time for the fish to rest.

1. W.Kearney and J.Gilbert 98 points
2. C.Whalley and A.Sagar 88 points
3. S.Geens and D.Ashington 83 points (13lb 9oz)
4. J.Cunningham and B.Sharrat 83 points (11lb 4oz)
5. S.Crossley and S.Wain 79 points

There are still plenty of spaces in the CRT & AT Canal Pairs Competition so have a look at the schedule here and book in on 0115 822 4532