PHIL Ringer emerged from the shadow of his brother Steve’s recent Cornish festival success to notch up a victory of his own with a four match maximum 36 points haul in the Keenets backed 180-entry White Acres Spring festival on the Cornish holiday park’s lakes, Bolingey and Porth reservoir.

In fact in form Phil even recorded a fifth section win making it a clean sweep from start to finish to leave the rest of the field scrapping for the minor, but still lucrative, placings.

Northampton based Phil (Ringer Baits Van Den Eynde) continued the family firm’s traditions of rising to the big occasion notching up two lake wins on his way to the £3000 winners cheque.

A previous winner of the Fish O Mania final, recently 25-year-old Phil has had to stand by as elder brother Steve won first the Parkdean Masters then the Van Den Eynde Festival on the White Acres circuit but he hit back with second place in the Dynamite event last week before this latest flawless show.

Phil had done all the hard work by the end of day four having won the festival with one day to spare thanks to four straight section wins and with no other angler having acheived three wins could not be caught on the last day no matter where he finished.

However Phil desperately wanted the clean sweep and set his stall at Bolingey 35 for a another win with a positive crumb feeder attack baiting two pieces of hair rigged meat.

That saw him enjoy a profitable opening 90 minutes taking several carp tight across for the basis of his 47 lb section winning haul.

He began the week in equally impressive style carding an opening day lake second overall success at Pollawyn 43 where he turned his unfancied peg into a section winner long poling meat at 16 metres for an all carp haul.

The second day saw Phil draw Python 10 where some fish down the side were added to crumb feedered hair rigged meat tempted carp across for a joint section win and maximum points again, tying with end peg 9.

The third day saw Phil step up a gear winning Twin Oaks from peg 4 with a far bank feeder attack again baiting hair rigged meat over Ringer Carp Bait feed for a 44-6-0 haul.

At Porth on the fourth day Phil sealed the win with one day to spare after feedering dead red maggots and a groundbait mix of Ringer Carp Bait diluted with brown crumb  at peg 73  for an 18-0-0 89 skimmers lake win.

‘After last weeks second place I didn’t think I’d get another chance of a win so quickly,’ smiled Phil.

‘I know I didn’t need to win the section today but it was nice to achieve the maximum, although I thought I might have been beaten by some late big fish caught by the angler to my left,’ he said.

In addition to the 3K cheque Phil trousered another £600 in pools money and added to his previous weeks plundering saw his fortnights efforts rewarded in the region of six grand.



The battle for second was fiercely contested with several anglers in with a chance on the last day but making the most of the final match at peg 1 on Twin Oaks was Adam Wakelin.

Adam (Dynamite Middy) poled along the end bank for 65-10-0 of mostly carp on the worm and that gave him a 35 pt. return beating Tim Rowe to the runner-up £1500 cheque with a better dropped section score of 7.

Tim (Thatchers 2000) won Trelawney on the final day from peg 26 with 93-15-0 but his discarded result of 6 pt. saw him settle for the £900 third placed cheque.

Meanwhile Adam also acheived the accolade of being nominated as Bill Knott’s Man Of the Match receiving a cut glass crystal bowl.

‘The most important and best result of the week was today, winning on Twin Oaks,’ said 22-year-old fish biology graduate Adam from Mansfield Nottinghamshire.



BOLINGEY once again provided the biggest fish of the week the £50 prize being claimed by the superb 22 lb 3 oz carp landed by local ace Dave Hillier.

The £100 cheque for the biggest match haul of the week went to former Masters winner Darren Cox with a thumping 150 lb 14 oz haul from Pollawyn’s peg 28 on day three.

The lucky recipient of the mystery weight draw was Martin Rafferty in 153rd place with 62 lb 14 oz.



KEENETS now part of the Sharpes group are the longest running sponsors of White Acres Festivals and Group Sales Manager Brendan Fitzgerald was on hand to personally present the tackle prizes worth £4000.

Keenets core products including umbrellas, keep nets, landing nets and handles were awarded to the top 20 individual anglers.

‘We are proud of our long standing association as sponsors of White Acres festivals,’ commented Brendan.

Cash prizes of £3000 down to £200 were awarded to the top ten anglers.



DAY 1 Pollawyn Lee Kerry (Browning Hotrods) 112-6-0; Trelawney /Python Wayne Nolan (NIC)110-3-0; Twin Oaks Micky Hughes (Simons 2000) 63-3-0; Porth Andy Dare (Daiwa Trentmen) 24-15-0; Bolingey Kieron Rich (Mosella) 92-13-0.

DAY 2 Trelawney / Python Andy Geldhart (Colmic Ossett) 81-15-0; Twin Oaks Steve Sanders (Daiwa Dorking) 54-6-0; Porth Mark Pleavin (Deggy’s Tackle) 26-7-0; Bolingey Paul Greenwood (Sensas Viaduct) 62-1-0; Pollawyn Chris Jenkinson (Diawa Trentmen) 143-12-0.

DAY 3 Twin Oaks Phil Ringer (Ringer Baits) 44-6-0; Porth Tom Pickering (Preston Innovations) 19-6-0; Bolingey Steve Ringer (Shimano Ringer Baits)128-5-0;Pollawyn  Darren Cox (Garbolino)150-14-0; Trelawney / Python Paul Carnwell (Blake Hall) 128-12-0.

DAY 4 Porth Phil Ringer (Ringer Baits VDE) 18-0-0; Bolingey Bob Rand (Manadon Angling) 63-2-0; Pollawyn Tim Rowe (Thatchers 2000) 88-11-0; Trelawney / Python Stuart Carol (Daiwa) 102-8-0; Twin Oaks Kian Wardle (MAP Starlets) 35-3-0,

DAY 5 Bolingey Rob Wootten (Bristol) 81-14-0; Pollawyn Lee Edwards (Mosella) 121-2-0; Python and Trelawney Tim Rowe (Thatchers 2000) 93-15-0.; Twin Oaks Adam Wakelin (Dynamite Middy) 65-10-0; Porth Chris Jenkinson (Daiwa Trentmen) 18-0-0.




Daily reports

THE sell-out Keenets Festival started hot and sunny with some fantastic fishing on all the lakes, it has not mattered where you draw as the fish have spread out all over the lakes, writes Clint Elliot.

Pollawyn produced the most consistent match weights with 36 anglers weighing a massive 1,750lb, that’s an average of over 48lb per angler. But Pollawyn wasn’t the only lake that is on form Trelawney and Python known as smaller fish lakes weighed an incredible 1,400lb that’s 40lb per angler.

Monday’s overall champion was Lee Kerry with 112lb 6oz from peg 25 Pollawyn. 2nd on the day was Wayne Nolan on Trelawney peg 21 with 110lb 3oz and 3rd was Rob Wooten from peg 47 Pollawyn with 105lb 4oz. 


Day 1 Lake Winners


A Section         Pollawyn                      Lee Kerry                    Peg 25             112lb 06oz

B Section         Trelawney/Python         Wayne Nolan               Peg 21             110lb 03oz

C Section         Twin Oaks                   Mick Hughes                Peg 63               63lb 03oz

D section          Porth                            Andy Dare                   Peg 88               24lb 15oz

E Section          Bolingey                       Kieron Rich                  Peg 23               92lb 13oz


Overall Top 10


1st        Lee Kerry                    9 Points            112lb 06oz

2nd      Wayne Nolan               9 Points            110lb 03oz

3rd       Phil Ringer                    9 Points            105lb 04oz

4th       Steve Waters                9 Points            94lb 08oz

5th       Kieron Rich                  9 Points            92lb 13oz

6th       Harry Billing                 9 Points            88lb

7th       Adrian Marshal 9 Points            74lb

8th       Jason Le Bosquet         9 Points            72lb 10oz

9th       Paul Hillier                    9 Points            71lb 02oz

10th     Darren Walters 9 Points            67lb 05oz


ON day two the wind has changed to a north westerly, knocking the weights right down, but Pollawyn is still producing the goods. Overall top dogn was Chris Jenkinson weighing 143lb 12oz from peg 30, with the wind of his back he managed to present the long pole shallow with meat to catch mainly carp. Second overall on the day was Kieron Rich weighing 130lb 12oz from peg 18 high bank on Pollawyn and third was Lee Pesticcio from peg 31 Pollawyn with 107lb 04oz. Bolingey lake produced yet another big carp with local hero Dave Hillier landing a 22lb 3oz ghostie from peg 36 on the long pole.


Day 2 Lake Winners


A Section         Trelawney/Python         Andy Geldhart              Peg 21               81lb 15oz      

B Section         Twin Oaks                   Steve Sanders              Peg 36               54lb 06oz

C Section         Porth                            Mark Pleavin                Peg 87               26lb 07oz

D Section         Bolingey                       Paul Greenwood           Peg 12               62lb 01oz

E Section          Pollawyn                      Chris Jenkinson            Peg 30             143lb 12oz        



Overall Top 10


1st        Kieron Rich                  18 Points          223lb 09oz

2nd      Phil Ringer                    18 Points          131lb 06oz

3rd       Harry Billing                 18 Points          113lb 08oz

4th       Mick Hughes                18 Points            76lb 11oz

5th       Mark Pleavin                18 Points            66lb 15oz

6th       Chris Jenkinson            17 Points          193lb 10oz

7th       Darren Walters 17 Points            90lb 08oz      

8th       Paul Greenwood           17 Points            74lb 04oz

9th       Mike Jones                   17 Points            71lb 14oz

10th     Tim Nash                     17 Points            64lb 08oz

Day 3 Lake Winners

A Section         Twin Oaks                   Phil Ringer                    Peg 4                 44lb 06oz

B Section         Porth                            Tommy Pickering          Peg 89               19lb 06oz

C Section         Bolingey                       Steve Ringer                 Peg 18             128lb 05oz

D section          Pollawyn                      Darren Cox                  Peg 28             150lb 14oz

E Section          Trelawney/Python         Paul Carnwell               Peg 18             128lb 12oz



Overall Top 10

1st        Phil Ringer                    27 Points          175lb 12oz

2nd      Harry Billing                 26 Points          169lb 06oz

3rd       Mick Hughes                26 Points          130lb 09oz

4th       Mark Pleavin                26 Points          116lb

5th       Kieron Rich                  25 Points          251lb 10oz

6th       Chris Jenkinson            25 Points          223lb 04oz

7th       Tim Nash                     25 Points          157lb 08oz

8th       Adam Wakwlin            25 Points          135lb 06oz

9th       Mark Harper                25 Points            92lb 07oz

10th     Martin Cocks               24 Points            92lb 13oz


Day 4 and Phil Ringer has it in the bag, but that’s not good enough for Phil he told us that he was after the prestigious five section wins, Phil kept his consistency with another lake win on Porth weighing 18lb of feeder caught skimmers from peg 73. The race is still on for second place with over a dozen anglers still in contention. The North westerly winds have kept the weights down but Stuart Carol still managed to capture 102lb 08oz of mainly Carp from peg 32 Trelawney    


Day 4 Lake Winners


A Section         Porth                            Phil Ringer                    Peg 73             18lb   

B Section         Bolingey                       Bob Rand                     Peg 11               63lb 02oz

C Section         Pollawyn                      Tim Rowe                    Peg 25               88lb 11oz

D Section         Trelawney/Python         Stuart Carol                  Peg 32             102lb 08oz

E Section          Twin Oaks                   Kian Wardle                 Peg 5                 35lb 03oz


Overall Top 10


1st        Phil Ringer                    36 Points          193lb 12oz

2nd      Harry Billing                 33 Points          189lb 07oz

3rd       Adam Waklin               33 Points          153lb 02oz

4th       Steve Ringer                 32 Points          254lb 03oz

5th       Tim Rowe                    32 Points          212lb 04oz

6th       Chris Jenkinson            31 Points          233lb 15oz

7th       Tim Nash                     31 Points          171lb 06oz

8th       Andy Geldhart              31 Points          161lb 01oz

9th       Mark Harper                31 Points          153lb 08oz

10th     Andy Dare                   30 Points          172lb 14oz