Action from the match Lake and right, the prizes being fished for, including some lovely Total-Fishing hats and polo shirts.


THIS firmly established match was a tremendous success for the sponsor Norman Booth, of Normans of Woodley, the Stockport-based fishing tackle dealer.

The main objective of the event is to raise money for local based charities involved with cancer victims whilst also remembering a very popular North West angler and captain of the Norman‘s of Woodley Match squad.
The initial audit shows that around £800 has been raised from the event, and Norman thanks everybody who contributed in any way to the day.

The North West‘s top match anglers paid the £15 entry fee to participate in this prestigious event, staged at Border Fisheries at Betley nr. Crewe. 109 pegs on both the Match Lake & Meridian Canal were required to satisfy the day, but the Match Lake was the fancied draw.
Two hours into this 6 hour match and the runners were starting to show form. The conditions were difficult for all, with temperatures climbing to the mid 80s and not much of a breeze on either water. Big names such as Derek Willan (fresh from his victory the previous day at Oaks in Yorkshire on the all-winners final) and Neil Machin were beginning to wilt in the heat fishing for a bite. Eddie Dalton from Stockport who was also pegged on the canal established himself early on by steadily catching carp ‘up in the water’, but Andy Moores, a local hero and son of Geoff Moores, resident professional angler, was not taking it sunbathing.
Meanwhile on the Match Lake, Mick Hilton jr. was also making his mark with a steady catch rate from the off. A few pegs away “Wreckin’-Crew” member “Paleface” Pete Southall was having a side-by-side battle for a place with Shaun Lynch from Stockport.
The youngsters taking part were not disgracing themselves either as Jamie Banks at peg 38 on the lake was doing his draw justice by eventually taking 28lb 8oz from it ensuring that John Manifold (43lb 8oz) and Dave Walker (48lb) pegged either side of young Jamie kept their heads down.

Left, winner Mick Hilton with Norman Booth. Right, Jamie Banks with his 28-8-0 net.

As predicted it was the Match Lake that produced the big weights.
1st place MICK HILTON Jnr peg no 30 102lb 8oz,
2nd place MICHAEL ROGERSON peg no.46 82lb 40z
3rd place GRAHAM RHODES peg no. 7 64lb 8oz.

Canal results:
1st place. NEIL MACHIN peg no.42 63lb 8oz.
2nd place EDDIE DALTON peg no.46 50lb 6oz.
3rd place ANDY MOORES peg no.38 43lbs

Section winners

 A…BARRY JACKSON       PEG 6 16lb4oz

 B…MICHAEL MEE            PEG 9  13lb 6oz

 C…MARK ADDY               PEG 23 19lb 12oz

 D…CHRIS DURRANT         PEG 26 17lb 12oz

 E…MICK POTTER             PEG 40 37lb 14oz

 F…MALC LAWTON           PEG 48 32lb 10 oz

 G…CRAIG EBBRELL        PEG 50 37lb 00 oz

 H…STEVE STANHOPE     PEG 60  11lb 4oz

 I….PETE SOUTHALL         PEG1 44lb 8oz

 J…JIM AXFORD                 PEG 19  32lb 4oz


 L…MARK WALTON            PEG 31  64lb 00.

 M…LEE ADDY                   PEG 48  56lb 8oz