Kirkcaldy is situated five minutes from the A92 Dundee road. This area is usually driven past, as anglers head further up the coast in search of a cod or two. But there is some good flounder sport to be had with the occasional bass and during the winter months cod often show along this part of the coast.

Getting here couldn’t be any easier either! Take the A921 at the Kirkcaldy roundabout from the A92 and follow the road to the bottom, following the signs for Kirkcaldy town centre. Take a good supply of lugworm with fish for the flounder and mussel and crab for the winter cod.

1 The Harbour
This is the first mark you will encounter on the road in. As you enter the outskirts of the town centre you will see a grain mill on the left; this stands at the end of the harbour. You can park on the main road 50 yards or so past the entrance and walk back to the end of the harbour. Cod will show here but usually during extreme conditions further up the coast. Use cocktails consisting of lugworm with razorfish, mussel and crab for the cod. It’s a good idea to use a rotten bottom rig here, especially in a rough sea

2 The Promenade
As you drive past the harbour and through some lights you will see the promenade. There are a few car parks dotted along here with easy access to the beach. Fish over low water for the flounder and the occasional bass. The norm here is to cast short with a three-hook rig baited with worm tipped off with fish. However, if you have a second rod set up you could try a whole peeler crab or even a mackerel head and guts for a larger bass.

3 Teil Burn
This is situated at the end of the promenade, where a large car park with a snack bar sits on the road. You will see the burn on the right of the car park; again, fish here over low water and cast into the features as the tide floods. Here in winter it is possible to catch flounder over the 2lb mark. A bass rod and reel loaded with 15lb main line is all you need to catch them.

4 The Car Park
This mark is located in the Seafield area of Kirkcaldy. Follow the A921 towards Kinghorn and just as you leave Kirkcaldy you will see the costal path signposted. Follow this road down into the car park. Right below, you will see the beach and to the left the Teil Burn. Fish anywhere along here for flounder, again over low water with worm tipped baits.

5 The Sea Wall
At the car park, follow the coastal path to the right where you will see the wall. Fish at the bottom of the wall over the mixed ground for flounder and the occasional cod. Take rotten bottoms with you as this area has rough patches. Use a standard beach set-up with main line of 20lb to combat the abrasive rocks. A pulley rig can be used in the winter on a spare rod if you fancy trying your luck with a bigger cod.

6 The Rocks
At the end of the sea wall you will see the rocks. Take a good pair of walking boots as this area can often involve a good hike. Areas to look out for are the bridge and the cave. Use a stiff rod and a reel loaded with 30lb minimum main line and rough ground rigs incorporating a rotten bottom. Standard winter cod baits will produce the goods during a good sea. The Dysart Festival was won from this area last winter with a bag of five cod.

Tackle Shops
We’re Game, 126 St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy. Tel: 01592 654301.
Spikes Plaice, 260 High Street, Kirkcaldy. Tel: 01592 597231.
BMT Angling Supplies, 337 High Street, Kirkcaldy. Tel: 01592 260441.

TSF Top Tip 1
When fishing these marks it could well be worth trying a fillet or head and guts mackerel bait for a big bass close in.

TSF Top Tip 2
Make sure you put reflective tape on your rod tips if you intend to fish at night; it will show up bites far better than the usual white paint will.

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