‘Kobra Angling Products are made by anglers for anglers’

Operating from Leicester, the company is centrally based within the UK and has made steady inroads into the angling world since 2000, by supplying quality tried and tested products.

Highly rated ‘celebrity’ anglers are showing increased preference for Kobra products, which is testimony to their quality and value.

The company also has the capacity to design feeders specifically to cover alternative venues, so please e-mail us with your suggestions.

Here at Kobra Feeders we are the only company to incorporate black and red hydro elastics in our feeders. Each feeder is made from hard-wearing nylon, which makes them very robust. All our feeders are made in the UK and quality is guaranteed.

Steve Ringer uses Kobra.

Steve Ringer is just one of the top class anglers that uses KOBRA FEEDERS on a regular basis, Steve used one of our Long Range Method Feeders to help him win the £25,000 Fish O Mania final back in 2000, Steve is also a winner of the £25,000 Parkdean Masters, which is held at White Acres in Cornwall each year.

Our Products

Bagging Wagglers
Bagging Wagglers were first used back in the late Nineties on some of the big commercial waters like Drayton and Clattercote Reservoir. They were designed to get the fish feeding in the top layers of water, by moulding groundbait and small particle feed around the base of the waggler. When they hit the water, a cloud of groundbait is created, with the particles slowly sinking, making the feeding carp rise up the water to feed. This method is best fished with hook lengths ranging from 2 to 6 feet. We have large bagging wagglers with red tips (currently at a special price of £4.99); large pellet bagging wagglers £5.99; a pack of three (one large with red tip, one large black tip, on small red tip, £16.99); and a small bagging waggler (£4.99).


Flat Carp Feeders
Kobra Flat Carp Feeders have been designed for modern commercial fisheries, where they are best used when burying the hook bait into a ball of groundbait around the feeder. See our Top Tips page for a detailed diagram of how to load your feeder. The beauty of the Flat Carp Feeder is that the feeder will always land with the hook bait on top in front of the feeding fish. They are perfect for fishing on slopes off islands due to the flat base design. They will not roll about. They are made from a very extremely tough nylon and are very hard to break even when you get the odd miscast or end up in the tree, like our good friend Omar, who has been testing the feeders out for the past couple of years, with great success. They come in two sizes, small and large and weigh from 18 to 50gr with a variety of different elastics. We have large and small Flat Carp Feeders holding 8-10 elastic (£2.25 each) and large and small Flat Carp feeders holding Black Hydro elastic (£2.50 each).


Flat Inline Feeders
Kobra Flat Inline Feeders are the most fish-friendly of all Method feeders. They are designed so that if your main line breaks, the fish is not left swimming round with the feeder for a day or so. That is why a lot more fisheries, across the country, allow you to use the inline feeder. These feeders are just as effective on the rod and reel as they are on the pole. A truly versatile, safe feeder. All our inline feeders are currently at a special price of £1.50. We have large and small 30gr models, a small 18gr version and a larger 50gr Flat Inline Feeder.


Pole Feeders
In recent years the Method Feeder on the pole has been a devastatingly effective technique especially on canal-type commercial fisheries. It normally works best when within a pole range of up to two feet of water. You don’t necessarily need an island to fish to or a shallow plateau or even the margins. The technique can catch you fish from anywhere within your swim. In venues full of small carp, we recommend that you use the small kf8 Pole Feeder, and where you are likely to catch larger carp, use the kf7. For some great tips on the best groundbait to use on the Pole Feeder, take a look at our Top Tips page. Our pole feeders hold an 8-10 elastic and we have two sizes available, large (£2.50 each) and small (£2.25 each).


Long Range Method Feeders
Our Long Range Feeders have been developed over a number of years for casting extreme distances. They are also brilliant for casting into a strong head wind with great accuracy. Great for waters like Drayton, Barston and Boddington. We have long range ‘diamond back’ feeders with one side weighted holding red or black Hydr, and long range Method feeders, with the weight in the central tube, all at £2.99.


Surface Candles
The Surface Candle has been a devastating way to catch carp in recent years. It was developed to replace the controller float, as it looks a lot more natural and sits flat on top of the water. You can use it to fish dog biscuits or floating pellets, but it is also just as good fishing a pellet or boilie 6 to 12 inches deep. We have both large and small surface candles holding either 8-10 elastic (£2.25), black Hydro (£2.50), or red Hydro (£2.50).


Brass Stem Carp Feeders
Our Brass Stem Carp Feeders are very similar to the standard flat carp feeders kf1 and kf2, but they incorporate a brass stem which adds weight to the feeder. They are ideal for those big water venues when you need to cast some distance or to help with accuracy on these windy days. Our large brass stem feeders with red Hydro are currently available at a special price of £2.49. The same model with black Hydro, plus the small versions with black or red Hydro are £2.99.


Winter Feeders
When only a few fish are feeding and you need to make sure that the feeder lands lightly in the water so as not to spook fish, a small Method feeder is needed. This is where our ‘plop’ feeders come into play, as they allow you to deposit only a small amount of feed and have your hook bait right next to it. They are available in both inline (currently at a special price of only £1.50) and ‘Method’ varieties (£2.25), the latter elasticated with an 8-10.