England ladies team manager Tommy Pickering is set to host another one day ladies match on Saturday 1st March at Hallcroft Fisheries near Retford.
The match will take place on Bridge Pool at the fishery and the draw will be at 9.00am with fishing from 10.50am to 3.30pm. Fishing will be to international rules; however ladies will not be able to count carp so they can concentrate on required winter fishing techniques.
The day is open to any female angler and all newcomers are welcome to attend and either take part in the match or if they so wish have a coaching session with Tommy Pickering. Anglers need to bring their own equipment and can use one pint of joker, two pints of other baits and 17 litres of groundbait or leam.
The England manager has already hosted one additional match and two coaching sessions for ladies who are interested in fishing to international rules and this is the final match for developing their winter fishing match skills.
With the previous days being so successful, there will be a series of similar matches and coaching days later in the year focusing on carp fishing and warmer weather techniques.
If you have any questions or would like to book your place in the match, please call Tom directly on 07734 154207.