This 6th Qualifier in the 2010 Fish O Mania series at Larford Lakes failed to live up to the expected weights that this venue is famous for, mainly due to very heavy overnight rain and a clear bright sunlit day with little or no breeze to put a ripple on the water.

Prior to the match, fish could be seen swirling everywhere, especially on Match Lake in the early and late pegs, with lots of big Carp cruising around on the surface of Specimen Lake, but none of the competitors, nor fishery staff would commit to where the winner was likely to come from, although many did comment that based on the conditions an end peg draw was likely to be favoured.
And so it proved to be, with end peg 28 on Arena Lake providing the eventual winner in Ben Emery (Garbolino Banstead), a 28 year old cabinet maker from Dorking. Winner Ben has fished all six qualifiers so far, and was runner-up at Dynamite Makins. An ecstatic Ben, having narrowly missed out earlier in the week, fed and fished meat down the edge at depth from the off, using a total of 5 tins throughout the match catching Carp to 6lbs in his winning weight of 139lbs 15ozs.  When his margin swim dried up he switched to the pellet waggler for short periods with odd fish coming to this, while he rested the margin swim, switching back to the margin after 15 to 20 minutes and catching steadily again.
Second place went to Lee Redman (Rays Tackle) from Widnes on peg 6 on Match Lake with a weight of 104lbs 10ozs made up of F1’s and the odd Mirror Carp to 5lb.
Lee started at 13 metres shallow, feeding pellet with pellet hook bait, but found that the fish wouldn’t come consistently from this line so he switched to his margin line, feeding and fishing meat at depth and caught more frequently.

In third place was the ever consistent Steve Ringer (Ringer Baits) drawn on Specimen Lake peg 32 with the best score from the Specimen Lake of 101-4-0 consisting of just eleven carp to 17 lb on poled meat from peg 32 a weight of 101lbs 4ozs made up of Carp to 17lbs. Fourth place went to Chris Telling (Drennan Oxford) from Arena peg 2 with a weight of 91lbs 5ozs leaving Perry Stone (Yorkshire Bait) in fifth position drawn on Specimen peg 79 with a weight of 83lbs 7ozs.