In recent years, Larysa Switlyk has become a name familiar to those active within the outdoor industry. Larysa has been hunting and fishing all over the world but, it’s carp fishing that has become the focal point of her outdoor activities.

After attending this years Meet Carp Romania and World Carp Classic competitions, Larysa has been bitten by the “carp bug” and is now suffering from “carp fever”. The person to blame for all of this would be carp angling icon and TOKS Panel of Expert, Frank Warwick whom Larysa partnered with during the 2012 Meet Carp Romania competition. It was at this event Larysa would receive a healthy dose of the methods, bait and tackle used by Frank. The time spent fishing along side Frank Warwick and his partner Jason Cann would prove to be a tremendous learning experience for her which would be the official start of her “carp fever”.

Her developing passion for carp fishing would eventually land her in Italy to represent the United States while competing in the 2012 World Carp Classic. Having competed against some of the best carp anglers in the world while attending an event of this magnitude opened her mind up to how just incredible this sport really is.

With a new found respect and passion for the sport, Larysa see’s the potential carp fishing has in North America and is now focused on raising carp fishing awareness in her own country and abroad as well. To show just how serious she is, Larysa has recently filled the North American Ambassador role with the Worlds Largest FREE Online Carp Fishing competition, better known as the TOKS Big Four International( Larysa says, “the concept behind the TOKS Big Four International makes sense to me and it’s one that will support my efforts in reaching anglers of all different backgrounds, especially women and children.”

TOKS Tournament Director, Ken Keene says, “the concept behind the TOKS Big Four International is to include everyone and exclude no one which basically means everyone can now be a part of a high profile carp competition without having to pay any entry fees, worry about outrageous traveling costs or deal with the less than favorable peg draw format. The TOKS Big Four International will support all of Larysa’s efforts raising carp fishing awareness in North America and plans of working in conjunction on different projects taking place in the future. Also, in the coming weeks we will release the names of two North American carp anglers joining the TOKS Staff, whom will consult for one of the most reputable carp bait companies in the world.” – brought to you by