The British Record rod-caught Fish Committee meets as and when necessary, the most recent occasion ratified the following new records listed below.
In attendance were representatives of the National ­Federation of Anglers, Salmon and Trout Association, Specialist Anglers Alliance and the National Federation of Sea Anglers.
The meeting, in the absence of Mr RW Page was chaired by Mr C Scull, and although Mr Alwyne Wheeler the Scientific Adviser was also unable to attend, his advice on all claims had previously been sought.


The following claims for British Records were accepted:




BREAM, COUCH’S SEA (Pagrus pagrus): 4 lbs 14 ozs 4 drms (2.218 kg), caught by Mr. Stephen Condick on the 31st December, 2001, on the Quies off Newquay, Cornwall.


WRECKFISH  (Polyprion americanus): 11 lbs 14 ozs 12 drms (5.407 kg), caught by Mr. Patrick Banks on the 13th October, 2001 from a mid channel wreck SSW of Poole Harbour




BREAM, BLACK  (Spondyliosoma cantharus): 6 lbs 8 ozs 6 drms (2.959 kg), caught by Rosanne Guille, on the 31st October, 2001 in Creux Harbour, Sark, Channel Islands. 


BREAM, PANDORA (Pagellus erythrinus): 1 lb 8 ozs 7 drms (692 grms), caught by Mr. Phillip Jewell on the 8th October, 2001 in the Helford River, Cornwall.




BLUE RUNNER (Caranx crysos):  175 grams (6 ozs 2 drms), caught by Mr. Peter Godden on the 21st October, 2001 from Walmer Beach, Deal, Kent.


WRASSE, BAILLON’S (Crenilabrus bailloni): 198 grams (7ozs), caught by Mr. Len Le Page on the 22nd November, 2001 from St. Peter Port Breakwater, Guernsey.


WRASSE, GOLSINNY (Ctenolabrus rupestris): 100 grams (3 ozs 8 drams),  caught by Mr. Brain Turnbull on the 15th September, 2001 from boat in the North Sea, approximately one mile north east of  Berwick on Tweed.


WRASSE, ROCK COOK (Centrolabrus exoletus): 109 grams (3 ozs 13 drams), caught by Mr. Andrew Drysdale on the 27th September, 2001 from boat approximately one mile off Newquay, Cornwall.




BARBEL (Barbus barbus): 19 lbs 6 ozs 8 drms (8.802 kg), caught by Mr. Steve Curtin, on the 27th October, 2001 from the Adams Mill, River Great Ouse, Bedfordshire.


CARP, (Cyprinus carpio): 59 lbs 12 ozs, (27.102 kg) caught by Mr. Mark Toland on the 5th September, 2001 at Conningbrook, Kent.


PERCH (Perca fluviatilis):  5 lbs 9 ozs 8 drms (2.537 kg ), caught by Master Dean Rawlings, aged 11 years on the 28th March, 2002 at Glebe Lake, Fringford.



RUDD  (Scardinius erythrophthalmus):  4 lbs 10 ozs (2.097 kg ), caught by the present record holder Mr. Simon Parry on the 7th October, 2001 at Clay Lake, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.




TROUT, BROWN (Salmo trutta):  31 lbs 12 ozs (14.401 kg ), caught by Mr. Brian Rutland on the 15th March, 2002 at Lock Awe, Argull, Scotland.




Claims: The following claims for records were deferred pending further information being made available by the claimant.


MULLET, GREY (Chelon labrosus): caught from boat by Master Christopher Harris (aged 14), in the River Crouch, Essex.  at a weight of 11 lbs.


BREAM, COMMON BRONZE (Abramis brama):  caught by Mr. Tom Huntley at a weight of  18 lbs 15 ozs.


CARP, (Cyprinus carpio): caught by Mr. Gary Bayes at a weight of 61lbs 2 ozs.

CARP, GRASS (Ctenopharyngodon idella):caught by Mr.Kevin Ballard at a weight of 39lbs 2oz.