The results from final match in teams of 4


The results for today Sunday 23rd

Willow Lake


Steve Gordon    Stanjay Gold

Peg 35

Weight    90lb 15oz

Fished    Feeder

bait    Pellet punched meat

Caught    11 carp to weight of 80lb & 10lb 15oz mix net



Karl Ruditis    Fox Match

Peg    34

Weight    28lb 12oz

Fished    Pole

Bait    Pellet & meat

Caught    mix


Honeysuckle Lake


D Chamberlain    Chestnut Pool    Peg    19

Weight    54lb 8oz

Fished    Pole

Bait    Pellet

Caught    mix



Mick Preisig    Peg    33

Weight    29lb 14oz

Fished    Pole

Bait    Pellet, meat

Caught    mix


Final Results over the 5 matches

Was a very close finish for 1st & 2nd place


1st    Chestnut Pool            72 points

2nd    Stanjay Gold            73 points 

3rd     Waterside Angling     77 points

4th    Stanjay Method Mix    96 points

5th    Fox Match                  104 points

6th    Lawn Farm Bait boys    117 points

7th    Rugby                        125 points

8th    Lawn Farm Match        131 points

9th    Newmarket                  132 points


Thankyou to all the anglers who took part in this series of matches.


Ros Logan