Pairs series Round 5

Holmedale Lake Sunday 23/4/06

26 fished



1st Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 51, 84-8-0


2nd Arnie Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 21, 71-8-0


3rd Steve Keyworth Diawa Trentman peg 4, 68-15-0


4th Kev Baxter Diawa Trentman peg 8, 62-5-0


5th Steve Clark Mansfield peg 32, 59-1-0


6th Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 31, 46-1-0





Pete drew end peg 51 and fished pole and pellet down the margin and out at 13m taking a fish from each line he had 26 carp – 9lb. In 2nd place Arnie fished pole at 11m on two lines with corn on the hook catching steady all day ending with 21 carp – 8lb




Leading Pairs

1st John Darby & Jim Strachan              

     Pete Ellis & Carl Brown                     27 points
















Peg One Angling Centre Spring league




Sherwood Lake Sunday 23/4/06


28 fished


1st Matt Sanderson Peg One Angling Centre peg 45, 20-6-0


2nd Bob Place Mansfield Piscatorial AS peg 40, 15-3-0


3rd Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 49, 14-10-0


4th Dave Hill Peg One Angling Centre peg 42, 12-10-0


5th Steve Richards Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 59, 10-12-0


6th Tony Grey Peg One Angling Centre peg 33, 10-9-0



Matt fished pole and caster up in the water for a net of roach – 12oz fishing 18’’ deep and feeding 10 casters every minute kept the coming all day ending with 20lb 6 and the clear winner. In 2nd Bob alternated between wagler and maggot and pole and maggot for a mixed net of skimmers, rudd and roach, just pushing match organiser Lee into 3rd place, Lee fished pole and caster shallow for roach and rudd – 8oz