Thames21 – London ’s leading waterways charity – will assist in the development and implementation of the Lee Fishery Action Plan (FAP) in London and Hertfordshire this winter.

Developed by a number of key stakeholders the FAP seeks to address and rectify a number of challenges facing angling in the Lee catchment over the coming years.

The plan aims to encourage further responsible angling activity in this area, leading to a wider appreciation of waterways. The FAP aims to develop fishing in the Lee Valley through focusing on the following key issues:

         Fisheries Management

       For example, researching the effects of fish predation by cormorants, and the impact of non-indigenous species such as crayfish

         Fisheries Environment

       This will include identifying degraded stretches of river and investigating funding avenues to improve their biodiversity and restoration.

         Angling and Recreation

       Creation of Angling Development Zones (ADZs) along the Lee Valley , and developing opportunities for junior angling.
         Signage and Access

       Secure funding to help improve signage and routes of access to river areas currently neglected in this area.

Working closely with members of the local communities and identifying funding sources will be key elements of the FAP implementation. Vicky D’Souza, Development Coordinator, will lead the delivery of the FAP and commented:

“The fisheries action plan will see the FAP steering group, local groups, organisations and the angling community working together to improve the river environment for angling  and in turn  benefit  wildlife. The plan will give the chance for people living in urbanised areas of the river to try out angling for the first time. It will also provide opportunities for young people to gain new experiences and skills through angling and take a greater interest in their local environment and help discourage anti-social behaviour.”

Jim Seymour, Environment Agency commented:

“The Fisheries Action Plan has had a positive impact for Lee Valley ’s anglers. Thames21’s inclusion in the Lee Valley Fisheries Action Plan will ensure that we can continue to support the needs of anglers and promote environmental issues. “