The Environment Agency and Leicester City Council are inviting north Leicester anglers to attend a public meeting to discuss the idea of establishing an angling club on the former Leicester Marina site, at the junction of the A6 and the A563.

The Agency and Leicester City say they want to explore its possible development as a fishery, and offer local anglers the chance to talk about its future.

“The marina is a relatively unspoilt, inner-city green space with high conservation and fisheries value,” said a spokesman.

“It acts as valuable spawning grounds, a refuge for newly hatched fry that seek shelter in marginal vegetation, and for all fish seeking slack water in times of flood.

“Coupled with the fact that the marina is easily accessible by public transport, by foot and by car, it makes the ideal urban fishing venue.”

If sufficient interest is shown in this scheme, its development could include safe and sturdy angling pegs, and improved access paths around the site.

Disabled anglers would be well catered for, by giving orange-badge holders the privilege of allowing their cars on-site, and providing angling pegs suitable for use by disabled anglers.

Midland Angler editor Gareth Purnell commented: “When the EA get behind this sort of idea I think it’s important that anglers show willing. I’d urge angling interests in the Leiceseter area to get right behind this and to attend the meeting.”

The meeting will be held at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuit Centre, Loughborough Rd on Tuesday 18 June at 7pm. The site is currently closed to all use whilst its future is decided.