Members of parliament showed strong support for angling at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Brighton earlier this week where the Angling Trust and British Association for Shooting and Conservation co-hosted a rural reception. Alistair Carmichael MP and Mark Williams MP spoke at the event in support of country sports and angling. Mr Carmichael praised the “very important” work of both organisations.

The Angling Trust’s Head of Marine, David Mitchell, spoke at the event telling MPs and Lib Dem supporters that angling was still in the cultural DNA on the British public and that the reliance on fish and healthy marine and aquatic environments to support angling meant that anglers were an army of volunteer champions for the environment.

He also highlighted the huge health, social, wellbeing and economic contributions that angling makes to local communities up and down the country.

Sophie Hutchinson, BASC’s political affairs manager, said: “Our rural reception was very successful again this year. Both speakers were very supportive which illustrates the cross party support we strive for at BASC.”

Mark Lloyd, the Angling Trust’s Chief Executive, said: “We welcome the ongoing support for angling from all the main political parties and the recognition we receive every year for the work that anglers do to protect the water environment, the value of angling to the economy and jobs, particularly in rural areas and coastal resorts outside the tourist season.

“We also remind politicians that there are millions of voters who care passionately about fish and fishing and will be watching when they make decisions in the corridors of power.”