The almost three million people who receive Disability Living Allowance in England and Wales are eligible for a half price fishing licence from April 1, 2007.

The Environment Agency has extended the disability concession – which used to cover only Blue Badge holders with severe mobility problems – to include all people receiving Disability Living Allowance. New rod licences can be purchased from 15,000 Post Offices and other outlets which sell them. For more information telephone 0870 1662662 or visit  

A review by the Environment Agency, the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) and the British Disabled Anglers Association (BDAA), found further scope for the half price licence beyond the 30,000 that now claim the concession.

“Angling is one of the most popular outdoor activities amongst disabled people,” said Environment Agency Head of Fisheries Dafydd Evans. “We hope extending this concession will encourage more disabled people to take the sport up, including those with mental disabilities. We anticipate an extra 45,000 people will receive the half price licence.”
Terry Moseley, president of the British Disabled Anglers Association said: “The Environment Agency’s inclusive approach to angling and disability issues is always very important, as its decisions have a significant impact for the number of disabled people who participate in fishing.

“The BDAA are in full support of the new extended coverage offered to disabled anglers. These changes, along with advances in developing improved access and disability awareness courses by the Environment Agency, is a positive step forward to the future of angling for disabled people.

“With changes to the disability discrimination act, and access issues being reformed by the Department of Work and Pensions, it is reassuring to know that the Environment Agency are forward thinking and address all the issues encompassing disability & fishing.”

Disabled anglers will need to confirm their eligibility for the concession by showing either a valid Blue Badge, or one of the standard letters from the Department of Work And Pensions that confirm current receipt of Disability Living Allowance.

Jane Harris, campaigns manager of leading national mental health charity, Rethink said: “From Rethink’s experience we know that people with severe mental illness are often socially excluded from leisure activities such as fishing.

“We applaud the Environment Agency for extending eligibility for reduced cost fishing licences to all those receiving Disability Living Allowance. It is vital that all levels of government take action to remove barriers to full participation in society so that people can recover the quality of life they deserve.”