ACTION by Environment Agency fisheries officers cost a Bournemouth man £280 after he was caught fishing without a licence at Broadlands Lake in Hampshire last August.
Lyndhurst Magistrates heard that as Agency officers were patrolling the lake at Broadlands they came across an unattended fishing rod. When they challenged Stephen Pinnington of Boscombe Road, Bournemouth he admitted the rod was his and he also admitted fishing without a valid rod and line licence.
When asked for his details Mr Pinnington became abusive and refused to give his details to the officers. Local police were called in to assist and eventually his name and address were established.
After hearing a guilty plea magistrates fined him £100 for having no licence, £50 for fishing with an unattended rod, £50 for failing to give his name and address and he was ordered to pay a further £80 in costs.
After the case he Environment Agency’s Hampshire team leader Adrian Saunders said: “We are pleased that the courts are taking a firm hand with fisheries offenders. Rod licence revenue is vital if the Agency is going to be successful in protecting fisheries. People who fish without a licence are cheating the law abiding majority who are supporting our work in improving fisheries for all”.