THE EA have announced that the price of your fishing licence is to go up another £1 from April.
It will see the cost of a full licence rise to £22 from April 2003 and the cost will go up another £1 for the next two years as well. The junior licence stays at £5 while over 65s and disabled anglers will pay £11.
“Licences are a thorny subject among many anglers,” commented editor Gareth Purnell. “Some argue that if you only fish commercial waters you shouldn’t have to pay anything, while others point out that we seem to be the only water users who have to pay any kind of licence charge at all.

“However, having seen some of the work the EA do, to my mind I still think it’s good value and in real terms I spend a lot less these days compared to the days when you had to buy a licence for each different region.
“My main concern is that so much of the fee is swallowed up in administration at the EA that most anglers rarely see any direct benefits from their outlay.
“But let’s get some perspective here. I spent about £40 going to watch the Villa play badly in the rain for 90 minutes on Monday.
“If I’m crazy enough to do that, I can’t really start suggesting £22 for a whole year’s fishing is anything other than good value!”