DTHE European Fishing Tackle Trade Association’s (EFTTA) line-testing programme has taken a ‘leap forward’ since demonstrating the project at this year’s EFTTEX in London.

EFTTA claims that many companies visited the line-testing stand at EFTTEX, where technicians from the EFTTA-appointed independent laboratory carried out tests on lines that were submitted to them. All tests were treated with the strictest confidence, as the results could only be considered as guidelines.

EFTTA-approved quality logos can only be awarded when tests are carried out in strictly controlled laboratory conditions.

Still, many people were intrigued to see the test machine in action and were keen to discuss the technical details with experienced technicians. Some 30 to 40 companies visited the stand to have their lines tested and about 50 per cent of these tests returned positive.

Kate Scrafton of EFTTA said: “It’s amazing how many people showed an interest in the project. Many of the retailers were particularly keen to see what lines had already received the quality logo.”

All companies that did visit the stand were invited to apply for the standardised line test as devised by EFTTA, introduced earlier this year.

This test uses the internationally recognised ISO 2062 standard, according to which dry specimens of line are cut from spools and each diameter is then subject to 10 tests with breaking strength recorded for each sample.

Since its return from EFTTEX, the EFTTA secretariat has received many more applications for the EFTTA quality logo. About half of all applications received don’t meet the necessary quality criteria as set by the EFTTA line-testing standard.

Kathleen Glausch of EFTTA explained: “Most lines pass the diameter tests very well; it is the breaking-strength tests where a lot of them fail.

“Many companies that fail the first round of testing will resubmit their lines after alterations, because they believe in the project and see the EFTTA logo as essential to their marketing campaign.”

Meanwhile, the French line test organised by GIFAP, as publicised by TTW last month, should be up and running by the time this magazine goes to press, at the bargain cost of €50 per line as opposed to EFFTA’s €300.


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