LINEAEFFE has been manufacturing high quality fishing tackle for 25 years and is one of Italy’s largest and most important tackle manufacturers.

They have been selling tackle in the UK for a number of years but only in small quantities. Now TackleTek Ltd is bringing the Lineaeffe brand to the UK angler in a much more professional manor.

Why? The answer is simple. Lineaeffe manufacture no-nonsense, high-quality tackle at anglers’ prices…

As with all things Italian, the design is very good, and the tackle also performs well. We believe that Lineaeffe offers some the best value tackle on the market.

TackleTek Ltd and Lineaeffe have already sponsored one young angler. They firmly believe the youth to be the future of our sport and they also believe in fish conservation and protecting the fish stocks not only for the next fishing trip, but for our siblings.

TackleTek Ltd and Lineaeffe are looking to sponsor more anglers from the grass roots angling community. If you are interested, visit and click on the ‘Sponsorships’ section.

The TackleTek web site will be developing over the next few months to bring hints, tips, advice and of course your nearest Lineaeffe Approved Stockist, and is offering four anglers the opportunity to become involved.

TackleTek want to work with weekend ‘maggot drowners’ who love to fish, but like all of us mortals, need to work.

They believe that by working together we can continue to develop products that are in-line with the UK anglers’ current desires. If you want to get involved then click onto and visit ‘Anglers Corner’.

So why Lineaeffe products? Through TackleTek Ltd, Lineaeffe will be developing new products specifically for the UK market, promoting angling in the UK through anglers themselves and of course offering the best value for money, high quality Italian designed fishing tackle to the UK angler.

What more could you want from a tackle company? Keep watching the angling media and for regular tackle and angling updates.

To see more of the Lineaeffe range see their listing on at .