The hot news of the week is that the clubs Zander record has been smashed by an outstanding fish of 15lb 7oz form the South Lagoon.


he fish was taken during the early hours by nineteen year old lady angler Dawn Hatchlet, it was witnessed by bailiff Danny Kelley who attended the official weighing at around 3.00am, to ensure the fish was stressed as little as possible.


Danny said ” it was a wonderful fish that looked absolutely huge and was in perfect condition.” 


This has been a good season for Dawn who has reported numbers outstanding catches over the season and has recently turned to the Zander reporting a fish over 12lb only a few weeks ago.


The catches of these huge zander are all the more incredible remembering that this is a day ticket water


Also from the Lagoon this week Craig Lancaster had a zander of 10lb 10oz and regular Simon Heath had three zander to 10lb along with five perch to 1lb 12oz and a 6lb 4oz tench.


The Lagoon is also fishing well for the roach and skimmers whish are falling to float fished maggot the in form swimmers are those along the bank between the Lagoon and North House lake or cyanide straight as it is known.


On North House Lake the carp are showing well with many fish being taken,Bob Cheddon had a common of 10lb 8oz along with a Bream of 9lb plus, Neil Smith had two fish both commons one of 14lb 7oz and another of 24lb 4oz. Dave Smith reported a mirror of 19lb and Mick Templeman had two fish again both were commons at 13lb 8oz and 20lb 7oz. Regular Jason Regan had a four fish haul with three commons of 18lb 2oc, 25lb 2oz and 25lb 12oz and a mirror of 20lb.


The river on the Wyboston complex had been fishing well until the rain which has seen the river rise , it is now pushing through and very coloured, before the rain Rex Tear took a good net of quality roach on hemp and tares and Dave Seaton took an exepeconal catch of bream and chub, he banked four bream to 7lb 8oz and five chub fro 5lb 4oz to 7lb


At Beckering the fishing has continued to be good with the bailiff reporting that the lake is fishing at its best of the year, some of the anglers reporting fish were Mick Stringer who fished a midweek session to take a 22lb common and mirror of 16lb, he returned the following day to take a 22lb mirror and another fish around 14lb.


There been many reports of bream being taken in good numbers and size by those fishing at night.


Jim Beadwell also fished a day session taking a common of 22lb and two mirrors of 16lb plus, Kevin Barable was another day time anger taking fish during a short evening session he had 5 doubles.


Angler fish on the float are taking mixed catches of oach and perch mainly on maggot.


On the canal the bailiffs report that all sections are fishing well with anglers catching plenty of fish on any method with lots of roach and bream making up most nets.


The hottest section this week is number two which for some reason has switch on and is producing well. At the three lock anglers are reporting taking bream and on the Chelmscote section carp along with bream are showing well.


Tescos is also producing mainly to those pole fishing but these anglers are reporting being broken by larger fish.


The match this week was fished between Luton AC and Tring on the Aylsbury Arm Luton won and took all three of the top places

1, I Browne with 31lb        2. M.Dickens 16lb           3, A.Waterhouse 13lb.3oz


Next weeks match is on section 14


Gary Scott

Luton AC Pres Officer