An innovative new wave making machine has now installed on the top pond that is keeping the pond free from ice throughout the freezing nights. Some fishing can now be virtually guaranteed when waters all around are frozen solid! The slight flow created encourages the fish to feed even when frezing and of course it is the F1s that are responding best in the cold to both maggot and pellet. The Island Pond is showing positive signs of emerging from Winter now and John Callaghan won the latest Sweep with all carp for nearly 16lb with fish to over 2lb. That is typical of pleasure catches there (with quite a few fish over 3lb), if you are willing to work out where the best spots are on the day, check with Ronnie at the shop for advice. Main Loch is fishing reasonably well, the carp are spreading out from the deep water by the big tree so skimmers are coming more and more into catches. Open end feeder and slider still best with maggot the no.1 bait.