ONE of the largest initiatives ever launched in the UK to bring more people into angling is about to be unveiled.

The Get Into Angling scheme is the brainchild of organisations across all sectors of the sport in Great Britian, including the Angling Trades Association, the National Angling Alliance and the Countryside Alliance.

The key ingredient is a specially-designed information pack which covers sea, game and coarse fishing and can be tailored to individual or group requirements. This will be made available to schools, youth organisations, information centres and others looking for details of how people can start fishing.

Last year an Environment Agency survey revealed that there was a massive potential audience for angling with a further one million people keen to try it for themselves.

Now fishing’s main groups are trying to unlock much of that potential with the new campaign. The first stage of this was a meeting with MPs at the House of Commons recently to discuss the project.

Charles Jardine from the Countryside Alliance’s Gone Fishing initiative said: “There is a real will out there to get things done. The angling world has grown up and now understands the reality of the situation. But we have also seen the huge potential out there for more involvement in fishing and all these organisations are working together to make things happen.

“The Environment Agency is also behind angling. So, with more people interested in going fishing, more waters where they can and more opportunities coaching-wise thanks to recent schemes, angling is in much better shape than it has ever been.”

David Hall, vice-chairman of the UK’s Angling Trades Association, added: “This is a fantastic opportunity for everybody in the fishing tackle trade. We are delighted to be working the Countryside Alliance and everyone involved has worked tremendously hard to ensure the Get Into Angling project will be a major benefit to our sport.”


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