Sunday the 8th June marks the annual World Ocean Day holiday, where people come together across the world to celebrate our oceans and promote taking care of them.

World Ocean Day has been around since 1992 where it was first proposed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2008 the United Nations was officially recognised and has been celebrated internationally since and gained a bigger following.

The idea behind the day was to celebrate how amazing the ocean is, as well as the wildlife that relies on it to survive. The oceans give us the ability to travel, deliver goods, eat delicious sea food, regulates our climate and so much more which we all take for granted. The day also creates the perfect chance to bring up problems such as pollution and illegal fishing methods, to try and raise awareness and promote charities that support this work all year round.

There are lots of ways to get involved with the day such as ‘wearing blue and telling two’ to spread the word by mouth. You can switch from using countless plastic bottles to just refilling up one you own, not leaving the tap running needlessly whilst brushing your teeth, re-use plastic carrier bags at the supermarket instead of picking up a new one each time and plenty more – you could even post a #seaselfie with some of these items to get the message out on social networks. There are lots more ideas on if you would like further inspiration!

If you really want to put some time into helping you could research some of the charities out there that help to protect the ocean and wildlife. The theme for this years World Ocean Day is ‘together we have the power to protect the ocean’ so use this and create stalls within a community centre or in your neighbourhood to promote the cause and raise some funds.

Whether you get the message out to lots of people, or even just make a change in your day to day life, every little bit will help protect and conserve the water across our planet.