Makins Thursday “Kobra Affordable Open” Match
Date:  27 November 2007

1st  Eddie KEENE  Coventry   24 lb 6 oz
2nd Danny ROSS  Wykin AC   22 lb 10 oz
(10 pegs)
Makins Kobra Thursday Affordable Open match was fished on Lagoon (Phase 2) and produced a close result.  Fishing pole and maggot at 11m, Coventry angler Eddie Keene landed two carp of around 6 lb each plus 12 lb of skimmer bream for a 24 lb 6 oz total to win.  Runner up Danny Ross (Wykin AC) included three small carp in his mainly skimmer bream and roach catch totalling 22 lb 10 oz for second place.

Throughout December, the Thursday Kobra Affordable Opens will all be on Phase 2, alternating between Lizard and Lagoon weekly, starting with Lizard on 4 December.  Draw in Phase 2 car park at 8.45am.

NB. Makins Thursday Kobra Affordable Matches are held every week. To fish either telephone 07749 284 823 or be at the draw at 8.45am (£11 all in).

VENUE:  Lake 2, Makins
DATE:  26 November 2008
1st Andy FINDLAY KORUM    56 lb 6 oz
2nd Mark PERKINS Dynamite Matchmen Supplies 44 lb
3rd Charlie SHAW Dynamite Mayfair   30 lb 12 oz
4th Dave KENT  Long Eaton Victoria AS  17 lb 12 oz
5th John VARLEY Hinckley    17 lb 4 oz
Number of pegs: 20

Korum ace Andy Findlay marked up his second successive Wednesday win at Makins in the Kobra Affordable Open on Lake 2.

Fishing peg B2, Andy fished corn on straight bomb throughout the match for an 11 carp catch that tipped the scales to 56 lb 6 oz.

Second place fell to Dynamite Matchmen Supplies backed Mark Perkins with 8 carp and three bream for 44 lb, with Charlie Shaw (Dynamite Mayfair) taking third with 30 lb 12 oz.

NB. Makins’ ‘Kobra Affordable’ Wednesday Open Matches are held on Lake 2 &/or 4 (Phase 1) every week.  To enter, either telephone 07749 284 823, or be in Phase 1 Car Park by 8.45 a.m. (£15 all in at the draw).