Texas angler Jack Johnson has beaten the world record for a Mako shark with a 1,323 pound fish caught off Southern California., USA.

The 11-foot long Mako was hooked some 50 miles out of Huntington Beach aboard the charter boat Breakway, and leapt spectacularly some 25 feet clear of the water during a two and half battle. 

The fish, which had an eight foot girth and is in frozen storage at the time of writing, beats the existing IGFA world record for the Mako, set in July 2011, by over 100lb. 

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It’s also thought to be the biggest ever caught on video during the fight – you can view the video below.

The capture has caused a stir among fish conservationists, who say it should have been released alive.

State law allows anglers to take two sharks per outing and it should be noted that over three days of fishing for shark among 18 anglers, Johnson’s fish was the only one that was not returned.