The famous Etang de Margot was reunited with its precious carp stocks on Thursday 16th February.


Following problems with low water levels caused by last summer’s drought, the lake’s closed in August and was netted to remove the bulk of the fish to a safe holding pond.  With the water now back to safe levels it was time to return the carp to their rightful home.  After a day netting the venue to count those fish that had evaded the rescue operation, the 156 large original fish were returned from owner Michel Bigot’s fish farm to Margot.


There has been a lot of speculation about what the stocking level would be for the 2006 season – the Internet Forums have been alive with unfounded rumour – so we ensured we were there to record the whole operation on video.  This can be viewed on the Angling Lines Website and should reassure everyone that Margot will rightly reclaim its position as one of the very best stocked waters in France.


The star of the bunch was undoubtedly a massive common that tipped the balance at 59lb 4oz. In all there were ten fish over the magical forty pound mark and 57 over 30lb. 

All the fish were in absolutely mint condition, having benefited greatly from their enforced exile in the unpressured holding pond.


Other improvements have also taken place – terracing work to improve access and raise the banks, plus a total renovation of the lakeside lodge.  We firmly believe Margot will be better than ever in 2006.