The Environment Agency is dealing with a serious pollution incident on the Old Bedford River/Counterdrain in Cambridgeshire.
A 3km stretch of river downstream from Welney has become deoxygenated and over 140,000 fish have been killed.
Environment Agency investigations are being made into the source of the pollution that has resulted in one of the largest fish kills known in the area.
Paul Waldron, Area Environment Planning Manager said: “This is a Category 1 incident, the most serious incidence of pollution that the Environment Agency investigates and deals with. Investigations are currently being carried out in connection with this devastating pollution incident.”
Aerators have been deployed along the affected stretch of river in an attempt to raise the oxygen levels but it is believed that all the fish in this stretch perished.
Anyone with any information relating to this incidence is urged to call the Environment Agency 24 hour Freephone Emergency Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.