It’s been an awesome week of catches at Angel of the North Fishery with dozens of weights over 200lb and an incredible new match record of 540lb to Dave Hudson….

Sunday 28th July 2019 open Lookout ton ups

overcast, ambient temp 19 deg, wind NE 8mph, barometer 1005 mb, water temp 21.4 deg, DO 5.95 PH 9.15 mv 60

1st John Foster 303lb 2oz peg 25
2nd Ethan Bradley 233lb peg 5
3rd John Dryden 211lb 13oz peg 15

next match Bowes on Wed 9am draw, and Sunday Lookout 9am draw.

Saturday 27th July 2019 open Bowes WOW 540lb New Record WOW

hottest days of the year followed by Heavy rain last night and thunder and lightening, and lots of heavy rain through the day, ambient temp 18 deg, wind was NW 8 mph swinging to NNE 8mph, barometer 1006 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temperature 24.5 deg, (hottest we have ever recorded so fishes metabolism is at highest rate and therefore very hungry) PH 9.25 , DO 6.50 mv 70

1st Dave Hudson 540lb peg 7 new record!!!
2nd Craig Crompton 394lb 2oz peg 1
3rd Ethan Bradley 383lb 11oz peg 14
4th John Foster 318lb 12oz peg 22

outstanding weights for everyone 202lb was 8th and 105lb 4oz last wow some fishing today well done Dave and everyone!!!!

Wed 24th July 2019 ton ups on hot hot day

sunny with overcast spells, ambient temp 24 deg, wind WSW 10MPH, barometer 1011 mb water temp 21 deg, do 8,45, ph 8.30, mv

1st John Foster 288lb 01 peg 17 (went over 4 nets)
2nd Ray Laing 243lb 8 oz peg 37
3rd Alan Mc Guire 208lb 2oz peg 3

next open Match on Bowes Saturday 9 am draw
Sunday on Lookout 9 am draw

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