Match News

All the up-to-the-minute stories from the world of match fishing.


Pickering’s Way

Tom Pickering is a man who needs no introduction to most. He’s represented England at the highest level on numerous occasions and was World Champion in 1987. In the first part of a new series he reveals his winter bomb fishing secrets


Match Q&A

Top stars from the world of match fishing answer your questions – and there are some great prizes from Fox Match for every question published.


Coxy’s Match Talk

Darren’s been away on team duty in France on the Sensas Challenge final. The biggest problem of all was not the fishing…but the sun!


Match Winning Tactics

Pete Bennett reveals his secrets for consistently catching F1s in the winter months.


Use Your Loaf!

River Wye regular Ian ‘Speedy’ Ward reckons bread is a hard bait to beat on rivers when it’s cold. It’s also a very cheap bait to use. We join him in Hereford on the famous Belmont match stretch.


What a day THAT was!

Alan Le Patourel looks back to 2004 and a memorable win on the River Tyne Championship.


O’Brien On Carp

Craig O’Brien is a man who made the big switch from speci to match fishing and its paying dividends for him. We join him at Barston Lakes to take a look at his Method feeder approaches.


Commercial View

After months of travelling Giles has at last discovered a venue very close to home that’s suiting him down to the ground…


Winning Rigs

This month we talk to Ben Leach, Mark Warren and Phil Davies and get them to show us the rigs that have won them big money!


Star Profile

Andy May is the man in the hot seat answering our questions this month.


Tackle Box

All the latest gear that’s either just hit or about to hit the shops and what we think of it.


Looking Back…

What was happening in the world of match fishing 10 years ago? We take a look back at the January 1996 issue of Match Fishing to find out…


Tried And Tested

Jon Arthur puts the new Sensas Power Match 654 pole through its paces.


Pro-Tie Competition

We’ve got six of the fabulous new hooktyers up for grabs – and we show you how to use one. 


Preston Innovations Sentient Rod Competition

Those nice people at Preston Innovations have given us six of their fabulous new Sentient rods to give away. We saw the samples at a recent trade show and we were well impressed! You will be too!  


DHP Match Fishing Tackle Awards 

This is YOUR chance to vote on the best match gear – and if your entry is the first one drawn out you can win yourself a top of the range pole. 



Is it time to have the same fixed bait limits on all commercial fisheries? Keith has some ideas about what should be allowed…


Thinking Out Loud

We join Will on a superb venue in Spain where the problem on some pegs is that there are just too many fish in front of you!  


Silly Stuff!

It’s the feature that every match angler dreads being in! Will YOU be included this month?


End Peg

Jon’s matches are going really well at present. It seems that the people having all the problems now are those either side of him!  






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