Match News

All the up-to-the-minute stories from the world of match fishing.


Pickering’s Way

Tom’s at Lindholme Lakes practising his techniques for catching big weights of small carp. He’s also trying out some interesting new pellets from Preston Innovations….  


Fox Match Q&A

Top stars from the world of match fishing answer your questions – and there are some great prizes from Fox Match up for grabs!


Match Winning Tactics

Dave Harrell reveals the method that he used to catch 61lb of dace from the River Wye.


Coxy’s Match Talk

Darren’s been suffering in the cold over the past month – and he’s had some big problems with his ice-hole!


Hard Pellets – A cold water no-no? Don’t you believe it!

Most anglers shy away from using pellets when the water is cold. But matchmen using them at Mid-Devon bag-up venue Stafford Moor have been bagging up all winter! Sensas Thyers team man Josh Garrett shows how…


What a day THAT was!

East Anglia’s ‘Mr. Feeder’ Nick Larkin recalls a day on the Trent when things didn’t quite go according to plan! 


Alice Wonderland

Scott Geens and Richard ‘Jonah’ Noakes show us how to bag up with casters at Hampton Spring’s beautiful Alice Pool. It’s a place where a net of roach will often outscore the carp.


Commercial View

Giles reckons the use of pellets and paste will put fish in the net when all other methods have failed. Its your chance to follow Giles’ recipe to success!


Batty About Canals

Northwest matchman Dave Pollitt loves the canal network in West Yorkshire. We join him on the picturesque Battyeford Canal at Mirfield part of the Calder and Hebble Navigation to find out why…


Winning Rigs

This month we talk to Darren Lewis, Ian Ross and Simon Richardson and get them to show us the rigs that have won them big money!


Tackle Box

All the latest gear that’s either just hit or about to hit the shops and what we think of it.


Up Close

We take an in-depth look at the following gear:

Maver N47 pole

Preston Innovations Hardcase luggage

Daiwa TD-R reels

MAP Matchtek II pole


Daiwa Competition

It’s your chance to try out the revolutionary new Daiwa HPG.     


Looking Back…

What was happening in the world of match fishing 10 years ago? We take a look back at our April 1996 issue to find out…



Keith discusses the problems of fish being moved from one fishery to another, and of fish being stolen!


Thinking Out Loud

We join Will on an important team match at Willow Park. He reckons he’s up against it as he’s drawn a bad peg. How will he approach it to get the best points he can? 


Star Profile

Shakespeare’s James Robbins is the man in the hot seat answering our questions.


Silly Stuff!

It’s the feature that every match angler dreads being in! Could YOU be included this month?


End Peg

Jon Arthur’s been sampling the delights of inner city canals this month. He’s also applied for a couple of much sought after Fish ‘O’ Mania tickets. Will he get them?



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