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Pickering’s Way

Tom’s on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal this month, practising for a Winter League match with bloodworm and joker. How will he fare after several hard frosts? 


Match Q&A

Top stars from the world of match fishing answer your questions – and there are some great prizes from Fox Match for every question we publish.


Match Winning Tactics

Can YOU catch 400 fish in an hour? And keep it going for a full five hours? Hadrian Whittle reveals his secrets to catching big weights of bleak.


Coxy’s Match Talk

Choosing the right pole float is a problem for many anglers. Darren sheds some light on the subject and highlights the patterns he uses. 


Match Fishing/ Shakespeare Avon Championship

In-depth report from five intense match days on the Warwickshire Avon, which saw the winner walk away with a cool £1000. 


What a day THAT was!

Former Tottenham Hotspur footballer Marc Jones recalls the day he won the 2005 Fish’O’Mania final – and £55,000!


Commercial View

Giles discusses his approaches to waggler fishing on commercials. It’s a method that is winning more than the pole at on many venues at present.


Bloodworm Breamers

We join Milo backed Ben Leach and Simon Willsmore at Willow Park to look at their approaches for catching bream when the temperature drops… 


Winning Rigs

We talk to Andy May, Kian Wardle and Dave Roberts and get them to show us the rigs that have won them big money recently.


O’Brien On Carp – Part Two

Craig O’Brien knows more about carp baits than most and in the second part of this mini-series he lets us in on his flavours and additives secrets. 


Tackle Box

All the latest gear that’s either just hit or about to hit the shops and what we think of it.


Milo Competition

We’ve got over £2,000 of fabulous Milo products including the superb new Magma 1400 seatbox to be won in our latest competition.


The Swale – It’s a real mans river!

Yorkshire’s River Swale is not a place for the faint hearted. It’s a place where every running water skill in the book comes into play at some time. We visited the river with Fred Hardcastle and Dave Atkins to learn how to get the best results there.



Match fishing has changed significantly over the past 30 years but are the changes necessarily for the better? Keith reflects on how things were and asks what can be done to improve team fishing?


Thinking Out Loud

Will’s back on home turf this month, competing in a 40 peg match on the Basingstoke Canal.


Star Profile

John Wright is the man under the spotlight this month and as usual he’s got loads to say! 


Silly Stuff!

It’s the feature that every match angler dreads being in! Will YOU be included this month? Be afraid…be very afraid!


Looking Back…

What was happening in the world of match fishing 10 years ago? We take a look back at the February 1996 issue of Match Fishing to find out…


End Peg

Jon’s drawing better than even Dave Harrell used to at the moment! And he’s more than half way towards qualifying for the British Open final!   


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