Match Fishing – June




Match News

All the up-to-the-minute news and stories from the world of match fishing.


Pickering’s Way

We join Tom at White Acres in Cornwall, practising for a festival. So how does he go about it? And more to the point, will it prove worthwhile? 


Match Q&A

Top stars from the world of match fishing answer your questions – and there are some great prizes from Fox Match up for grabs.


If I Drew That Peg…

Every venue has its flier peg – the one that every angler wants to draw! Amer Jawed reveals the peg he’d love to draw on the Great Ouse at Kempston Mill.  


Coxy’s Match Talk

The UK Sensas Challenge final on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal and a north versus south competition have been Darren’s focus for preparation over the past month. But did Sean Ashby pull him any good pegs?


Park Life

We join Browning’s Pete Thomas at Gloucester Park in Essex. It’s a venue that’s stuffed with roach – and they feed all year through!


Match-Winning Tactics

The new river season is almost upon us, at last! Jon Arthur reveals his secrets for catching river roach on hempseed. 


How To Win More Matches

In the first of a new series England star Steve Gardener reveals the secrets to bagging up with cat meat. He also shows you how to use the new Milo Pull Bung.  


Commercial View

Giles reports on another interesting festival at White Acres in Cornwall. The singer was waiting for him this time apparently!      


What a day THAT was!

Ultimate Hengelsport backed Matt Hall recalls a very special day when he won the Fish’O’Mania title at Hayfield Lakes in Yorkshire.


What Can We Learn From The Speci-Boys?

Dynamite Baits man Alex Bones reveals the bait and additive secrets for catching big weights of quality carp.   


Winning Rigs

We talk to Neil McKinnon, Josh Garrett and Sean Ashby and get them to show us the rigs that have won them big money recently.


The Master And The Apprentice

Russ Tinklin has taught Shawn Kittridge all he knows about the world of commercial fishery match fishing. So what would happen when we put the two of them together in a head to head match?


Tackle Box

All the latest gear that’s either just hit or about to hit the shops and what we think of it.


Tackle Directory

Need a number or an email address? Look no further than our tackle directory.


Up Close

We take a really close look at the following products:

Preston G91 pole

Ultimate Hengelsport Q-Box System

Shakespeare Superteam feeder rods

Greys Prodigy float rods

Garbolino G Force Power pole


Daiwa TD-R Reels Competition

Ten superb TD-R reels worth £175 each up for grabs! 


Shakespeare Competition

It’s your chance to win a place in the Evesham Festival Shakespeare Championship. You can also win a Superteam seatbox and a new LXL float rod!   



Andy May reveals his secrets to keeping a swim at Browning Cudmore going for a full five hours.


Looking Back

We journey back to June 1996 to find out what was going on a decade ago.  Remember Zim Star 38 elastic, anyone?



The majority of match anglers seem to prefer going to commercial fisheries these days but is it just about the fishing?


Thinking Out Loud

We join Will on a midweek match at Willinghurst. The weather is warming up at last and the carp are feeding well!    



Star Profile

Commercial fishery maestro Neil Machin is the man in the hot seat. And he’s a bit mad! 


Silly Stuff!

It’s the feature that every match angler dreads being in! Check out the latest entry for our Reader’s Wives Corner…ugly or what?


End Peg

Jon Arthur had a bit of predator trouble lately but things could’ve been worse – he could’ve had a JCB re-landscape his peg in the middle of the match!


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