Evesham Town & Ferry Waters
70 fished.

1 Maver Midlands 57pts
2 Kamasan Sensas Starlets 51pts
3 Milo Bordon Red 48pts
4 WB Clarke 46pts

1  Steve Townsend (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 6-1-8 (peg 40) 
2 Andy Gregory (Milo Bordon Red) 4-15-0 (peg 2) 
3 Paul Norledge (WB Clarke) 4-12-0 (peg 1) 
4 Rory Jones (Kamasan Sensas Starlets) 4-3-0 (peg 68)
= A Ike (WB Clarke) 4-3-0 (peg 23)

Maver Midlands and Kamasan Sensas Starlets have qualified for the big-money Match Fishing Team Championship at this year’s Evesham Festival. Fourteen teams of five slogged it out on a difficult River Avon that was badly affected by clear water, sunshine and strong winds. 

It was the increasingly impressive Maver Midlands squad that won the day with a solid 57-point score. 

The team, consisting of Matt Haines, Dave Lloyd, Dave White, Jordan Hall and Jon Arthur, put on a consistent display with no one lower than 6th in their 14-peg sections. A section win from Pole Fishing Editor, Jon Arthur, a 3rd, two 4ths and a 6th was more than enough to see them through to the lucrative Final. Team tactics revolved around catching everything that swims, with bonus eels and perch playing a vital  part in catches.

Six points behind was Kamasan Sensas Starlets on 51 points, who also put together a thorough team effort. Again perch and eels formed the bulk of their catches. Their squad consisted of Scott Geens, Paul Downes, Ed Warren, Rory Jones and Matt Derry.

On the individual front, Steve Townsend took the spoils with just 6lb 1oz 8drm. The Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths rod had a net of mostly eels plus two quality roach on hemp from Peg 40. 

Andy Gregory was 2nd with 4lb 15oz from Peg 2 and with just 4lb 3oz needed to frame, the anglers will all be hoping for better sport and much needed rain for next weekend’s individual qualifiers! 

my Pension Expert