The Match This competition is going from strength to strength and organiser Phil Briscoe has announced that the prize fund for the 2014 final will now top £60,000.

Ticket sales are at an all-time high, with several sell-outs in the qualifiers so far and this weekend’s heat at Larford Lakes also looking like it will have a maximum field.

The revenue from sales has prompted Phil to add an additional prize level in the final, meaning that section winners will win £1,000 in addition to the top three all winning big money.

This year’s final will, therefore, see four six-peg sections with each one paying out £1,000 to the winner in addition to the winner’s prize (minimum £50,000), second place (£5,000) and third place (£3,000) payouts. There are also plans to increase the winner’s prize if ticket sales allow.