Following on from the announcement that  a Team Championship event will feature as part of the 2012 ‘Match This’ weekend, Maver (UK) have been working hard behind the scenes in an effort to bring together the best club teams currently in the UK. 

The teams currently selected include Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, Daiwa Gordon League, Maver Image, Daiwa Dorking, Matrix Dynamite Trentman, Preston Innovations Thatchers, Shakespeare Superteam, Preston Innovations Delcac, Maver Bait-Tech, Kamasan Starlets, Tricast Highfield, Drennan NW and Browning Hot Rods – all high profile teams from around the country.
After six closely contested rounds and over 10,000lbs of fish being caught, the Larford Winter League has produced two additional teams eligible for the Maver ‘Match This’ Team Championship, Team Garbolino and Maver Midlands (Gold).
Team Garbolino dominated the league breaking away from the rest of the field early on and went on to win four out of the six rounds returning an impressive cumulative point’s score of sixty four points. The only teams that looked capable of beating Garbolino were the two Maver Midlands squads and Match Fishing Scene (MFS). However, it was Maver Midlands (Gold) that showed the greatest consistency in the closing stages with both Maver Midlands (Black) and MFS dropping vital points late on, opening a window of opportunity, which was seized by the Gold team scoring 89 points.
Maver (UK) can also confirm there will be a National representation on the day from Team Scotland (Jamie Masson, Brian Clark, David Corcoran and James Woodrow), the Welsh Wizards (Mark Jones, Andrew Murphy, Danny Baker and John Harvey), the Irish Select and, last but by no means least, the England Feeder Team, which will see team Captain Tom Pickering draw upon the likes of Steve and Phil Ringer, Darren Cox, Mick Vials and others!
So, the Team Championship event looks set to be as much of a spectacle as the massive Grand Final itself. Twenty teams of four will be placed on both the Match and Specimen lakes to determine the outcome. As well as the overall winners receiving a cash prize of £3000 and an impressive team trophy, both second and third placed teams will also receive cash prizes of £2,000 and £1,000 respectively.
The Maver Mega ‘Match This’ weekend continues to gather momentum and promises, once again, to raise the bar for modern day match fishing with the handing over of a first prize cheque for at least £50,000.
If you would like to take part, tickets are available on-line now at Alternatively, you can book over the phone on 01527 406 300. You can also enter by completing an official Match This entry form, available from any of the 17 participating fisheries.
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