There’s a changing of the guard at the Barnsley Blacks, for years one of the most feared and respected match fishing teams in England.

Commercial fisheries like Lindholme Lakes have brought new blood into the team, while at the same time stalwarts like Tom Pickering have decided to stop team fishing altogether.

But if this new 45-minute TV show from is anything to go by the future looks bright, as Lee Kerry, Matt Godfrey and Joe Carass show off their skills on Lindholme Fishery’s Bonsia Lake – each of them fishing a different method and passing on plenty of advice along the way.

Lindholme’s forward thinking owner Neil Grantham is on hand, not just to start the event in his own unforgettable way, but to pass on his thoughts on the way he expects commercial fisheries to look in a few years.

Plus there’s a guest appearance from Bob Nudd on how to catch F1s on banded hard pellet up in the water, fishing at Lake Ross Fishery.

Presenter Gareth Purnell draws the information out of our ace anglers, picks out some top selling commercial fishery tackle including the new Team England seatbox from MatchBox and a Garbolino pellet waggler rod that’s selling like hot cakes to top anglers for just £20. Oh and he adds up the weights – badly!

Members of angling TV channel can watch the show for free, but anyone can watch it for just £1 on a pay per view basis.

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