Match organiser Alan Henry (pictured) with the 25lb bag of bream that saw him to second place on Sunday on the Trent.

The new series of matches on the Trent being organized by stalwart Alan Henry is off and running with over 50 anglers turning up for the opening day event at Laughterton and North Clifton.
With plenty of rain about anglers were faced with a flooding and coloured river, and most opted for a feeder approach with caster and chopped worm.
Bream and skimmers were the mainstay with Lincoln Whisby AS anagler Bill White topping the field of 53 on Saturday with 14-0-0 from Peg 54 at Laugherton, one bream plus skimmers.
Sunday’s Vaughan Cup was better, Drennan England’s Julie Abbott topping the pile with bream and skimmers from peg 8 for 28-15-0, just 7oz in front of match organiser Alan Henry who also caught bream and skimmers, this time from peg 56.
Monday’s event again saw Bill White well out in front, this time from peg 8 with 25-9-0 with Alan Henry again second.

Saturday 16/06/12 Laughterton & North Clifton 53 Fished

1st 14lb Bill White (Lincoln Whisby AS) Peg 54 Laugh 1 bream & skimmers
2nd 12lb10oz Dave Bontoft (Lincoln) Peg 10 Laugh 1 big chub skimmers & roach
J3rd 11lb 3oz Andy Starky (Derby) Peg 36 Laugh skimmers
J3rd 11lb 3oz Wayne Swinscoe (Maver Baitec) Peg 6 North 1 barbel 3lb plus three big skimmers
5th 10lb2oz Ryan Neal (Lincoln Whisby AS) Peg 57 Laugh skimmers & roach
6th 10lb Keith Mumby (Grimsby) peg 12 Laugh Skimmers & Roach

Sunday 17/06/12 Vaughn Cup Laughterton 32 Fished

1st 28lb15oz Julie Abbott (Lincoln Whisby AS/Drennan England) Peg 8 bream & skimmers
2nd 25lb6oz Alan Henry (Dynamite/Shimano) peg 56 Bream, skimmers & roach
3rd 22lb11oz Nick Atkins (Chesterfield) peg 11  bream & skimmers
4th 22lb2oz Paul Moutry (Scunthorpe) peg 2 bream & skimmers
5th 16lb3oz Roger Wakenshaw (Lincoln Whisby AS) peg 40 skimmers, roach, perch & hybrids
6th 13lb9oz Clyde Inglis (Lincoln) peg 1 bream & skimmers

Monday Evening Series 1st round Laughterton 17 Fished

1st 25lb9oz Bill White (Lincoln Whisby AS) Peg 8 bream & skimmers
2nd 10lb3oz Alan Henry (Dynamite/Shimano) peg 56 skimmers, roach & eels
3rd 9lb15oz Chris White (Lincoln Whisby AS) peg 57  1 bream, skimmers & eels
4th 9lb12oz John Small (Lincoln Whisby AS) peg 3 skimmers & roach
5th 9lb1oz Alan Houlton (Lincs County) peg 9 skimmers & roach
6th 7lb8oz Dean Smith (Lincoln Whisby AS) peg 52 skimmers & roach

Wayne Swinscoe made the frame in Saturday’s opening day match on the Trent at Laughterton and North Clifton with this double figure bag.
Wayne Swinscoe 2012