ONE of the most successful match fishing line brands of recent years – Silstar Matchteam – which disappeared a couple of years ago, is once again being offered to dealers.

The product is being made available by Matthew Fisher, the one-time boss of DAM, Silstar and Eurostar in the UK, through his new venture, Fisher Outdoors.

When the line was originally introduced to the market a decade ago, it didn’t take long for match anglers to make it a bestseller thanks to its very low diameter for higher breaking strains, letting you fish much finer for bigger specimens.

It also meant there was less resistance in flowing water when feeder fishing and, of course, it is often easier to cast a lower diameter line further than a thicker one.

Matthew explained: “The original monofilaments are very reliable and hard wearing, especially in the water, showing very resilient characteristics such as abrasion resistance, maintaining original breaking strain, good knot strength, not much memory and good stretch. Basically, they are very easy to use and quite economical.

“The reason why Matchteam is so successful and outsold other low diameter lines is that it has all the benefits of low diameter whilst keeping the easy to use characteristics of standard mono.

“Even though Matchteam has been around for nearly 10 years in various guises, there are still not so many lines, even now, that can perform as well.”

Matthew added: “As this original brand of Matchteam line, with the original packaging that anglers will immediately recognise, again becomes freely available, we are please to be able to supply a new breaking strain of 13.2lb, which has many interesting possibilities for barbel and carp fishing applications.”

Fisher Outdoor is making Silstar Matchteam available to UK retailers directly from Eurostar Italy. It is in stock now and shops will receive the product via UPS within three working days of ordering.