I cannot believe it is day four of the Maver Festival already – the week has flown by for us.

The penultimate day of the festival was fine and the weather had been kind to us this week as it was another mild day.

Timmy Rowe has had a clean sweep so far on the festival with maximum points lets find out how day four unravelled and see if he has kept his position in the top spot.

A Section Porth

The lake is still clear and for some Porth has really been a struggle this week, especially those that have never fished on the venue before. Alan Hodgeon on the “arm chair” peg 77 took the lake win today with 16lb 8oz, Alan caught on the pole with worm at 6 meters. Second with 15lb 13oz was Dick Bull on peg 33, Dick fished the feeder with dead red maggots. Adam Rooney was third; Adam fished on the pole with worms from peg 72 for a weight of 13lb 5oz. Craig Ebberell on peg 89 had the next best weight on the lake, Craig weighed in with 11lb 6oz caught on the feeder with worms.

Section Winners

Alan Hodgeon  9 points 16lb 8oz
Dick Bull  9 points 15lb 13oz
Craig Eberell  9 points 11lb 6oz
Karl Webster  9 points 9lb 10oz

B Section Bolingey

Bolingey still seems to be dominating with the big weights and with the size of fish being caught. Our current festival leader Tim Rowe took another lake win today with 150lb 15oz, Timmy put in a great effort to win the lake from where he was on peg 11, where he caught on the pellet waggler. Second on the lake was Derek Willan on peg 22, Derek caught mostly on the pellet waggler but had a few down the edge on meat for a total weight of 148lb 8oz. Richie Hull caught at 5 meters on meat to take third, Richie was on peg 19 and had a weight of 140lb 2oz. The next best weight on the lake went to Dean Barlow on peg 20; Dean fished the pellet waggler for a weight of 137lb 10oz.

Section Winners

Timmy Rowe  9 points 150lb 15oz
Derek Willan  9 points 148lb 15oz
Will Raison  9 points 127lb 13oz
Phil Simpson  9 points 104lb 5oz

C Section Pollawyn

Another good day on Pollawyn and we are seeing more of the weights that we are used to on a festival with the high bank fishing well and producing top weights, both of the points on the lake have been slightly inconsistent throughout the weeks and surprise weights are coming from un-fancied areas. Richard Lawson on peg 28 took the lake win today with 186lb 9oz, Richard caught on the waggler and bomb with meat. Second went to Callum Dicks with 172lb 12oz caught in the feeder across to the island, Callum was on peg 27 and although he had approx 34 fish they were smaller than Richard’s which knocked him back to second. Steve Ringer was on peg 18 and fished the long pole to take third with 122lb 4oz. Steve Gerrard had the next best weight on the lake with 117lb 2oz, Steve caught on the bomb with pellet to the bar from peg 21.

Section Winners

Richard Lawson 9 points 186lb 9oz
Steve Gerrard  9 points 117lb 2oz
Arnie Payling  9 points 64lb 8oz
Mick Lees  9 points 30lb 6oz

D Section Trelawney/Python

The weights are still tight across both lakes but unfortunately none of the bonus carp have been showing on Python that would put it in contention for a lake win. The winners today was John Bradshaw on peg 26, John caught on meat short and down the edge for a winning weight of 108lb 4oz. Dave Cain was lacking just one fish and was knocked into second with 105lb 12oz, Dave was on 23 and caught on the pellet waggler. Third went to Steve Cooke with 99lb, Steve caught on the pole with pellet from peg 27. Kip Deards had the next top weight from peg 29, Kip had some on the bomb and some at 6 meters with pellet.

Section Winners

John Bradshaw 9 points 108lb 4oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 46lb 8oz
Gary Webber  9 points 33lb 10oz
Gary Thomas  9 points 30lb 14oz

E Gwinear

The weights were slightly down on Gwinear today but they were more evenly spread across the four sections. Despite being extremely poorly and contemplating not fishing for the day Andy Dare won the lake, Andy had a weight of 74lb 5oz caught down the edge on corn from peg 37. Second on peg 13 went to Alan Rutherford, Alan caught long on pellet giving him a weight of 70lb 4oz. Mark Pleavin weighed in with 68lb 11oz to take third, Mark was on peg 39 and caught on pellet long and corn down the edge. Dave Hillier had the next best weight with 66lb 7oz, Dave caught at 16 meters to the bar on pellet from peg 25.

Section Winners

Andy Dare  9 points 74lb 5oz
Alan Rutherford 9 points 70lb 4oz
Mark Plevin  9 points 68lb 11oz
Sean Cameron  9 points 44lb 11oz

So that was day four lets see how the top twenty is looking.

Overall Top Twenty

1st  Timmy Rowe  36 points  306lb
2nd  Derek Willan  33 points 334lb 13oz
3rd  Steve Ringer  33 points 327lb 4oz
4th  Mark Pleavin  33 points 320lb 2oz
5th  Tommy Pickering 33 points 269lb 14oz
6th  Jason Le Bosquet 32 points 372lb 2oz
7th  Colin Cook  32 points 209lb 3oz
8th  Craig Ebberell  32 points 148lb 6oz
9th  Dave Schofield 32 points 137lb 10oz
10th  Martin Amos  31 points 262lb 12oz
11th  Steve Cooke  31 points 256lb 2oz
12th  Andy Geldart  30 points 348lb 3oz
13th  Adam Wakelin 30 points 334lb 9oz
14th  Karl Webster  30 points 298lb 7oz
15th  Don Slaymaker 30 points 248lb 3oz
16th  Phil Simpson  30 points 228lb 6oz
17th  Richie Hull  30 points 218lb 12oz
18th  Mark Brown  30 points 161lb 5oz
19th  Callum Dicks  29 points 351lb 15oz
20th  Nathan Watson 29 points 312lb 6oz

So after another section win Tim Rowe remains at the top of our leader board, with one day to go and the end of the festival on the horizon can he keep on top of the game and make it a clean sweep for the week.

The top twenty has a nice mix of new and old names in it I wonder if it will be a similar story tomorrow when that all-important dropped result comes into play.