Congratulations to Tom Bainbridge for his superb win at the Oaks Lakes, Sessay on 1st May.

Tom drew peg Ash 7 and caught both short and shallow on meat to win with an impressive 131lb 8oz to secure his place in the grand final this year.

The Angling Trust would like to thank venue owner Tom Kay and all his staff on the day and to David Kent for all his hard work running the qualifier on the day.

Top 6 results;

1st. Tom Bainbridge (Ash 7) 113.8

2nd. Craig Tidswell (Ash 4) 116.8

3rd. Daniel Ballan (Sycamore 3) 115.15

4th. Nathan Stretch (Ash 23) 113.15

5th. Michael Gallimore (Ash 19) 107.4

6th. Stephen Luck (Ash 3) 105.11