Shimano Normark UK is pleased to announce Mick Brown as the first of many big name signings to join its team of pro anglers. Mick adds Shimano to his current sponsors of Dynamite Baits and Rapala in a deal that officially comes into effect on September 1st, 2011.

Mick Brown remains as one of the most popular anglers in the UK following his extensive TV work alongside Matt Hayes on programmes such as Total Fishing, The Great Rod Race, Wet Nets, Record Breaking Fish and The Greater Rod Race. He is a regular in leading UK magazines and continues to draw in the crowds at angling shows and shop open days around the UK.

Steve Cole, Shimano Normark UK’s Marketing Manager, had this to say about Mick’s appointment: “I’ve been fortunate to work with Mick for many years, firstly in my previous job with Fox International and more recently at Dynamite Baits. I have always been impressed with his tireless enthusiasm for the sport. He is the ultimate professional!

“Mick’s role will see him play an active part in the development of Shimano and Rapala products, as well as promoting the brands through instructional magazine articles, website videos and other promotional activity we have planned for the coming years!” concluded Steve.

Mick, who has previously been sponsored by Shimano and continues to use many of its products prior to this deal, had this to say on the new sponsorship package:

“I am delighted to be joining Shimano Normark UK, and consequently adding Shimano to my list of sponsors. I have always been a big fan of Shimano and have been using a number of the company’s products for many years because they are, quite simply, the best!

“I am a big believer in helping anglers catch more fish, which is why I was so excited when I first met the team behind Shimano Normark UK. Their ethos is exactly the same as mine, both in terms of producing the best possible tackle to help anglers put more fish on the bank and educating anglers through various media outlets. Being involved with a company that shares my passion is really important to me and the reason why I have joined Shimano Normark!” Mick concluded.

This is the first of a number of big name signings that Shimano Normark UK plans to announce over the next six weeks. With brands such as Shimano, ACE, Dynamite Baits, Rapala and Sufix all coming under the company’s umbrella, it’s promising to back the biggest and best names of UK angling to ensure its product development and promotion is unrivalled!