Midland Angler


JUNE 2005


Fishmeal time-bomb

Can new pellets stop the rape of the seas and make for healthier fisheries?


Ivan Marks

Famous Leicester venue to be named after him, plus our tribute to the great man continues


Perched for Moor success

Huge perch are showing at Moorlands Farm. Mal Watson shows how to catch them


The Connoisseur

£3,000 Daiwa pole competition must not be missed


Carping on a day ticket

New series in which Paul Garner finds the best fishing open to all in the heart of England, starting with Brockamin Pools, Worcs


First Impressions

The new Manic Impact hook pellets from Mosella, and much more


Where to Fish

John Wright gives you the heads up on how to catch on the most popular Midlands venue, plus we spotlight more fisheries


Tricks of the Trade

Roy Marlow says that some line distributors are telling ‘absolute lies’ on the spools


Tackle Live

The team looks at the 2005 poles they think are well worth a second look, from £125 to £3,000


Not so silly macaroni

Matt Maginnis is sceptical when Poole Hall regulars tell he needs to fish pasta on the hook, until he catches a carp within 20 seconds!!


Top marks for the MS4

Chance to win one of the new boxes from MatchBox


Match Scene

News, results and gossip from the Midlands competitive scene, plus the views of Mark Downes


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